Monday, July 20, 2009

Week 5 - 142 miles

In the water: 2.08 miles - 1 hour 15 minutes
On Rocky: 115 miles - 6 hours 6 minutes
In my Asics: 25.3 - 4 hours 20 minutes
On the bosu ball: 2 hours

Total Mileage - 142.38 miles, 11 hours and 41 minutes
(and 2 hours of strength training...)

An Ironman is 140.6 miles...I completed 142.38 miles this week. I think I'm ready! Haha. I mean, covering 142 miles in a week is basically the same as doing it one day, right? But all in all, a great week of training. I ran my fastest 12 mile run EVER (AND I was within my target HR zones for long runs - wierd!) AND I completed my first century ride!!! It was a big week and I feel really great about it!!


Anonymous said...

How was your century ride? Chuck and I did 28 yesterday, and during the ride I heard a big pop, which was my neck. Ouch. Did you figure anything out with your knees and legs? ~natalie

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

The ride was awesome! It went really well. There was a dark time between miles 50 and 65, but it was all mental. I came back and actually really enjoyed myself! And the 2 mile run afterwards wasn't as terrible as I would have expected...all in all, a succesful weekend!

Ouchie on the neck - are you okay?

As for my knees - I went to a doc who gave me the same diagnosis as the 2 chiropractors gave me. I have IT Band Syndrome. I start therapy on Wednesday to strengthen my!