Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nada to Talk About.

Eh, this week has been eh. Nothing terribly exciting to talk about.

Monday I met up with ATP to run some legs were angry about th 65 mile bike the day before and the 15 mile run the day before that. Slowly but surely, I finished the the very, very, very, back of the pack. It was painful, but I logged 6 miles for the may have taken 3 hours to do it, but it was done.

I worked late on Monday putting the finishing touches on the presentation I was doing at a training session for the next few days. Exhausted at lunch and without energy to go to my normal lunch workout, I went and got my nails did. Dulce de Leche by OPI is my new favorite nail color. FYI. My nail lady was nice and didn't yammer on in Vietnamese the whole time so I was able to get in a good little nap. perfect lunchtime break.

Tuesday, Tommy and I woke up super early to get in a Turbo Tuesday on the Trainer. There was nothing good on TV, so we found some radio...I think I miss Octane on Dish Network TV. Uverse 0: Dish Network 1. The Uverse radio just wasn't as good.

The trainer workout was tough - the main set was 8/6/5/4/3/2/1 hard with 1 min easy between each. Ouch. I made Janelle walk at the park with me after work since I didn't have time to do my transition run that morning.

Went to training. The sessions went really well and I hope I can get more into facilitative type activities like that soon. I really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday, I slept in, with intentions of doing a sprint workout after work, but my lunch didn't settle well for me and I broke out in a cold sweat and spent an hour hugging my toilet. Not exactly the stuff that triathlete's are made of, eh? So, the track was neglected. I'd feel guilty about missing a workout, but since I didn't actually EAT anything yesterday, I figure it comes out even in the calories department.

Packing for Colorado was tough. It's really cold at night, warm in the day, blah blah blah. I had to pack so many layers, it was ridiculous. I'm pretty sure Paige and Zach will show up with one little carry-on suitcase that has BOTH their clothes in it. Whereas, Tommy and I have one giant suitcase with our clothes in it (most of which is mine) and one carry-on with shoes (it's about half and half there). Seriously. I am the worst packer EVER. It looks like I'm moving.


I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with P&Z in the mountains..even though I may freeze. I am looking forward to sleeping in, no humidity runs, gorgeous biking, beer, wine and hot springs! I brought Red Bull to work to help me survive until then...

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