Thursday, July 09, 2009


Today at the gym (after a measley 1500m swim), I was getting dressed amongst the old women. They were all chatting away. I usually stay out of the chatter because I just want to get in and out of there with seeing as little old woman T&A as possible. I thought I heard them talk about me, but just ignored it - I never talk to them, so why would they be talking to me now? Well, one them came over, nekkid as a jay bird, and said, "We are talking about you!".

At this point, horrified as I am by the 3 foot long boobs in front of me, can no longer hide from the conversation, so I reply, "Well, what what are you saying?".

One of the old women (approximate age is 104), who is sitting totally nekkid on the bench (as in she placed her bare bottom on a community bench in a YMCA locker room...who KNOWS what sort of diseases her ass has), says, "Girl, we were just talking about how smokin' hot you are!".


I mumbled out some sort of thanks but I was so perturbed by the fact that my great grandmother just said 'smokin' that I couldn't say much else. She said 'smokin'. OMG. I'm still cracking up.

Nonetheless, I'm feeling quite fabulous today! Nothing like a bunch of old geezers (one of whom is likely this lady) to inflate your ego. Ain't nobody break my stride. Ain't nobody gonna slow me down!

I feel like a million bucks!


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Anonymous said...

That is so funny, but also the truth! This is a benefit to working at a nursing home too! All the little old ladies tell me I have such nice teeth and I'm pretty. All of them either have dentures of 5 teeth in their head. This is probably the only benefit. ~Natalie

Marchand Family said...

At least she didn't slap you on the could always be worse! :)