Monday, July 06, 2009

Week 3 - 53 Miles

They don't call it a recovery week for nothing. Ugh. This is just pathetic.

In the water: 1 mile - 30 minutes
On Rocky: 40 miles - 2 hours 5 minutes
In my Asics: 12 miles - 2 hours 20 minutes

Core and Abs classes and stretching..

Total Mileage - 53 miles, 4 hours and 55 minutes

Now, I have excuses. Lots of them. The race in Buffalo Springs killed any chance of working out on Monday - although, we did walk 2-3 miles on Monday morning. Tuesday I did a pretty tough brick but Wednesday I only did core at lunch because I had to wake up at the crack of dawn so I could leave at the crack of afternoon so we could hit the road to Alabamalama for the weekend. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we definitely slacked but we did something and in THAT heat, I am not ashamed!! Sunday we spent the entire day in the car driving home.

It was a big week! Baby Hayden Gilmore was born! We drove 1500 miles to lubbock and back for the hardest race EVER! Katey and Erik got engaged! We drove 1000 miles to Gulf Shores, AL and back for the first ever Blain/Bennett Beach weekend! Janelle and Thomas got engaged! Baby James Baumgarten was born! Now wonder there wasn't time for working out! I was too busy saying congratulations! Congratulations everyone!!

I need a nap.

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