Monday, July 20, 2009

A Triathletes Dishwasher

I know you are all curious as to what the inside of my dishwasher looks like. Lord knows I lie awake a night thinking about how you stack your plates and organize the cups inside yours. I know what a big deal this is. Trust me. But to ease your worries, I have included a picture of the inside of our dishwasher from last night. Only at a triathletes house would you see something like this:

The problem is only exaggerated by the fact that there are two of us - but seriously. We used 11 water bottles, 9 Fuel Belt bottles...and only 3 plates?

This weekend was great. Friday night we stayed home, watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which was soooo not funny the first time I watched it, but HILARIOUS the second time), drank too much wine and stayed up way too late.

We met ATP for a 12 miler in the morning where I had one of the best runs of my life! I try to keep my long run heart rate in the 160's...normally, this translates to a 10:30-11min mile. It's a long run so it's meant to be easy and about a minute to a minute and a half slower than your race pace. Well, on this wonderful occasion, a 165 HR translated to a 9:40 mile. What?? I thought that surely I wouldn't be able to sustain that pace for the whole run, but my heart rate stayed steady and my legs felt great. It was amazing!! Then I remembered that I was supposed to do a 100 mile bike ride the next day and I really needed to take it easy on the run. Ooops. Whatever. I was a speed demon!!

Tiffany and Brock were in town for Whitney's wedding, so the boys played golf while Tiffany and I ate a delicious crepe breakfast and then played with the puppies at the dog show. My happy place. Tommy and I made sushi for dinner, drank a little too much wine (it's a theme) and went to bed early.

Sunday we met Francis, Adam and Laura in BFE for the the Katy Flatlands Century first century ride ever. After a few flats, lost chains and lost people, the 5 of us finished our first 100 milers with an average pace of about 18.7mph. Not bad!! All in all, it went really well. I had some dark moments between miles 50 and 65ish, but it was mostly mental. We went out for a painful 2 mile run and then relaxed with some spaghetti. We took an ice-y bath...just FYI, 3 bags of ice for a whirlpool tub is not enough.

We came home, cleaned the house on our adrenaline rush, ordered a giant delicious Candelari's pizza and relaxed while watching Die Hard (when I picked it, I thought it was Lethal Weapon...I was going for a comedy...ooops).

It was a wonderful weekend. It's a sad sad Monday round these parts.


Marchand Family said...

My dishwasher, too, is filled with plastic bottles!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at my friend Cherie's dishwasher, this is what happens when you have twins....


Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Haha. I've said it before and I'll say it for this race is like having babies!! Haha. Love you D!

Alicia said...

i'm dying to know what the top rack of your dishwasher looks like.. don't leave a girl hangin'!

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

I know, right? I'm sure you haven't been able to focus this week...the suspense is killing me too. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Ha!