Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 Year High School Reunion

Dude. I had my 10 year high school reunion this weekend. DUDE.

Apparently, this event made a lot of my other classmates feel old. I didn't feel old at I the only one? I think it helps that most of my friends are older than me, so no matter what, I will always be the young one. Well, I'll be the young one until they all die and I have to make friends with the spring chickens at the nursing home that is.

Nonetheless, after much difficulty planning the stupid thing (Yes, I planned it It's who I am. I can't fight my destiny. But no, there ain't no way in hell I'm planning the next one.) with Kelly, the event went surprisingly well. I think all had a good time...there were complaints here and there, but hey, when you raise your kids to think they deserve the world and then you fail to deliver, they get a little angry. So, eh, sorry you didn't get your free coke...we decided a free keg of delicious beer was a better use of the money. My hangover thanks you.

So, it was fun. It was a lot of fun. It was great to see everyone and catch up with old friends. I expected there to be a mish mash of people, but unfortunately for my gossip mill, most everyone that showed up was still thin, attractive, and succesful. My mom promised me that all the mean girls in school would grow up to be fat and nasty...but I think she lied. Or else they just aren't fat and nasty yet. I'll continue to hold out hope.

But I would say that the biggest let down of the evening was Facebook. Through Facebook, I have caught up with so many old friends which is awesome. HOWEVER, through Facebook, I caught up on all the litle details of their lives: Are they married? Do they have kids? Are they fat? Where do they live? Etc... So, when it came time to make small talk with this person I haven't seen in a decade, we had nothing to talk about. We already knew all the stuff. I knew you had a kid and it was a girl and she has a wierd name...I've been stalking you in on Facebook for a solid 2 years. Duh!

But the best part of the reunion was catching up with my old friends Sara and Alicia. Those girls got me through the hard stuff in high school and most of the hard stuff in college. I miss them dearly and hold our friendship so close to my heart...I wish I lived closer so it would all be easier. But, it's not and I have no intention of hear this Bez and Al, I WILL be keeping in touch better. So prepare!!! Love you guys!!

I think the highlight of my evening was going home to parent's house afterwards and smoking the cigars we found in the attic that my dad bought when I born...they say "It's a Girl". Dude. 28 year old cigars that have been living in the know you had fun when you think, "eh, it's not too bad".

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