Friday, September 11, 2009

Sabotage Is My Anthem

My last race of the season is this weekend - PrairieMan Half Ironman - in Grand Prairie. It's supposed to be a good, albeit VERY hot race (there is no shade on the run at all), but a great place to PR (if the wind holds off).

I should do really well at this race. I'm in great shape and I am GREAT at flat races...hills and I, not so much. My biggest obstacle this weekend will be my only goal is to leave it all out there. I want to cross that finish line and collapse. I want to not be able to walk another single step because I pushed it that hard. I want to know that I did my very best and pushed myself to my ultimate limit. Because I know if I do that, I will have pushed myself harder, further and faster than I ever have before.

Never before have I been able to push myself to that limit. At the end, I can always go a little bit further, run a little bit faster, go a little bit more. Always. I have always liked feeling great after a race, but if I am going to step things up, I have go to figure out how to push myself. It's a mind game though...and I have never tried to overcome it. I normally just hang out and enjoy the scenery...which is fun, by the way, but not testing my limits.

So on Sunday, my only goal is push myself to the end. I want, for the first time, to cross that finish line knowing that I gave it everything I've got.

Listen all of ya'll, this is Sabotage!!


Marchand Family said...

That's a beautiful place to run! We used to run there when we were training for our marathon! You're going to do great!!!!

Cass said...

We have the exact same goal. After you've collapsed at the finish line, stay there for a few minutes; you can cushion my collapse.

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

I don't know D - I've heard where we actually run is pretty ugly...out and back on the dam. Haha. We will see! The rain and wind will definitely keep me cool!!