Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm a Texan.

I'm a true-blue, down-home, southern Texan...and even more so, I am a Houstonian...and I know this because today, after my workout, I was driving to work with the windows down (I was far to stinky to have them rolled up and have my stench contained for the duration of my 30 minute commute) and I was freezing. Absolutely freezing. My fingers were frozen, numb, and had lost all color. I had the seat warmers on and the heat on full blast. And it was 75 degrees outside.

And I was still cold.

My goosebumps STILL haven't fully gone away.

I wish I had been smart and worn a jacket like Maira.

On another note, I ran a 25:40 5K today...HOORAY!

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Anonymous said...

I think being a Texan really makes us thankful when the temp dips to 90ish degrees. We think that it is a cold front. In Texas we are quick to wear scarves and pea coats, because we only get the chance 1-2x/yr!