Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend of Champions

This was just one of those weekends where everything was wonderful and the weather was wonderful and my husband was wonderful and the wine was wonderful and my friends were wonderful and my workouts were wonderful and siiiigh, it's over.

Friday was my day off, so I caught up on some sleep...oh, let's start with Thursday.

Thursday was Melissa's birthday...she is 24 now. See? They CAN get younger than me. We went to Collina's and then the Drinkery where we arm wrestled (I won, but Jenn's arms are waaaay awesome-r) and everyone but me took j-ello shots. It was one of those nights. Somehow, they kept me out till 2am. Hence the catching up on sleep on Friday afternoon.

Friday eve, I met Janelle and Jodie to check out a wedding dress at Janelley's favorite store, J Crew. The three of us had a delicious dinner and went out for a drink at McElroy's, Jodie's favorite bar.

Tommy and I woke up early for a 15 mile run with our group, we all went to breakfast at Buffalo Grill and then we went swimming. The run was okay, the swim was meh...

We took a glorious nap and woke up in time to go to Pinot and Picasso...we took wine and painted. It was really fun and definitely a great date place. The only problem is that the really hard part is at the end when you have to outline all this stuff...and you are a bottle into the wind. Ouch.

Sunday, we slept in a little and headed to Santa Fe, Texas for a 60 mile bike ride. The ride was shoulder was hurting and I was quite the whine-y baby. But all's well that ends well, and since we had parked at a winery (Yeah, who knew there were wineries in Santa Fe, Texas? Heck, who knew there was a Santa Fe, Texas?), we were able to do a wine tasting, buy a bottle and some cheese, and relax amongst the vineyard.

Bike rides don't get much better than that.

We bought some champagne on the way home...because what goes better with Sunday afternoons than champagne? Nothing! And busted out the boiled crabs Tommy caught earlier this week. Champagne and crabs. It was a Sunday of Champions.

And since we don't have a live-in maid, at some point in the weekend, chores had to be done. I folded a mountain, seriously, a mountain of clothes, and Tommy vacuumed up about 37 small dogs from our carpet. We broke our garbage disposal, made sushi and went to bed.

It's tough to start back to work after such a fun weekend, but it makes you appreciate those weekends that much more!

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