Tuesday, August 11, 2009

List of the Day.

Somehow, someway, I injured my pinky finger while sleeping last night. It's quite swollen and I'd say there is a good chance that I broke it. What? The good news is that now I have an excuse to not swim. Muuuhahahaha.

I have XM radio in my car, with about 9 million radio stations, and yet this morning, the best song that was playing was Taylor Swift. Are you kidding me?

Hot pink is my new favorite color. I've accepted it.

Beavers eat all sorts of tree bark, not just aspens.

Our new house has started falling apart. We knew it would happen, but were hoping it would hold out a little longer. On Sunday the garbage disposal broke and today the toilet broke...it's only a matter of time before the roof caves in.

I kicked my dog in the head this morning. No, I'm not a dog hater...he is just an idiot. I was on my bike trainer, biking away and he wanted to lick my toe...the same toe that was moving in rapid circles. Soooo, I kicked him. Totally on accident.

I have 37 weddings to go to this year. All of which are in towns that no one has heard of. Gilmer, Texas. Richmond, Texas. Cayuga, North Dakota. Wichita Falls, Texas. All Population 3.

I love Mexican food. Love it. I love it more than I love hot pink. But dam gina, I feel like crap the next day. It's like being hungover, but grosser, and in my belly. Ugh.

I once had a landlord who thought that the word "debris" was actually "dupree" and now everytime I see debris, I say "dupree". That man is STILL haunting me and is making me dumbererer.

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Anonymous said...

Micah and I still say dupree too!!! ~natalie