Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 11 - 178 Miles

In the water: 0 Miles - 0 minutes. Ugh. The pool hates me.
On Rocky: 155 miles - 8 hours 36 minutes
In my Asics: 23.74 miles - 3 hours 57 minutes
On the bosu ball: 2 hours

Total Mileage - 178 miles - 12 hours and 33 minutes

Whoa. I can't believe it. This will probably be one of our longer weeks of training this least in the Top 5. Surprisingly, I felt great. I feel pretty great even today (although, I didn't work out this morning because my stomach hates me...macaroni is NOT a good pre-run meal, FYI).

We did the HotterNHell 100 Mile ride in Wichita Falls on was fun, but also a giant cluster and I will probably never do it again. It just reaffirms my lack of desire to ever do the MS150. I support MS and all, but that ride is a death trap. The ride went well though - I wiped out once at a support station and got a charlie horse in my hip and couldn't was pretty funny. But painful. All in all, we averaged about 17mph for the ride...but that includes probably about 30-45 minutes of pit stops and chatting. So, the average speed in the saddle was probably more like 19-19.5mph. I'm shooting for 18-18.5mph at Cozumel, so this seems like a reasonable estimate! My transition run after was pretty quick and felt pretty good - I think I was averaging about a 9:45 pace for about 2 miles. I kept trying to talk to myself like I was actually going to run 26.2 miles (instead of just 2) and it seemed okay. I think I could have done it. OMG. That's crazy talk.

We did a really nice 10 mile run from my parents house on Sunday - turns out my parents live in the mountains?? Dude, it was HILLY. My butt was burning...and not from the mac and cheese. It felt pretty good though.

My friends Laura and Tara did IMCanada and IMLouisville, respectively, yesterday and they both totally conquered the courses. Laura finished in a blazing 12:36 and Tara in a very fast goal is 15 hours for those of you trying to figure out what those numbers mean. I have never in my life been so jealous of another human being...why can't Cozumel be here already?!?!?

That being said, I am feeling great about training. We are trying really hard to do the workouts we enjoy with the people we enjoy instead of just sticking to a regimented routine. I think if we are doing something we love, we are less likely to get burned out. That being said, the laundry, lack of sleep and hunger are started to weigh on me...this blog says it very well (read the comments too). We are very lucky to have such a great group of friends who are so active that we can train with several days a, thanks guys! You make it worth it!!


Anonymous said...

When I was training for just a sprint tri, I would wake up in the middle of the night starving. I would sneak into the kitchen gobble up a granola bar, and then go back to sleep. Can't imagine how hungry you must be! ~natalie

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

It's insane! And unfortunately, I'm trying to lose weight because my high school reunion is in like 3 weeks and it's not happening because I can't stop eating!! Why can't I be naturally skinny?