Monday, June 01, 2009

The 'Burbs

Tommy and I spent more time in the 'burbs and logged more miles in the car than is humanly necessary this weekend.

On Friday, we drove to Webster (South of Houston down 45) to look at some bikes. They had the Felt B12 in my size there. I rode it around the neighborhood and it was beautiful. The bike is gorgeous, shifting was flawless, I liked the aerobars, the seat was really good for a stock seat and all in all I was impressed, but I wanted to look at more. They also had the Orbea Ora, but frankly, it just looks bulky. It may be a great bike, but the Felt and the Cervelo LOOK like great bikes. The Orbea looks like a bulky tractor in comparison. I didn't even test ride it. The guy at Webster Bicycles was kind of an idiot and I wasn't too thrilled about dropping $3000 on a bike there anyway.

We made it back to town in time to go to Bicycle World where they told me there had a full run of sizes of the Cervelo. They didn't (the guy at Bicycle World is also an idiot, but at least he tried). But, after I threw an irrational hissy fit, the guy offered to give me the P2C Dura-Ace Bike, but with Ultegra components - which means that I got the more expensive red P2C but with the cheaper parts from the blue one. Sooo, it looks like I have a REALLY expensive bike, but I don't. Ha. I went on a test ride and I was sold. I couldn't tell you exactly what makes the difference but the Cervelo just felt better. The brakes are terrible, but I knew that from the reviews. It just fits me better - I was a giddy school girl after my test ride. The guys at the store were nice enough to change out the components that night - they stayed late to hook me up which I greatly appreciated. I didn't have time to get fit though, so that is still on my agenda. My new bike is named Rocky - because I got him after I placed at the Rockin' R Toobin Tri.

On Saturday, we drove out to Katy (West on I10) to do an easy 55 mile loop. Both of us were feeling a little blah. It ended up being a really nice ride, but my legs were tired. With Rocky, I felt like I was able to pull harder - we averaged about 20mph for the ride - with some semi-long stretches at 22-23mph. It was a really nice ride. We followed it with a 2 mile run which was pretty tough - for some reason, both of our legs were jell-o!! We may still be recovering for the 85 miler last weekend and the tough Turbo Tuesday workout.

The we came back to town. I took a glorious 3 hour nap and woke up just in time for dinner. Haha.

That night, we drove to Sugarland (Southwest on 59) for a BBQ with some of Tommy's old co-workers - it was fun.

Then we came back to town and passed out.

The alarm went off at 5am (sleeping in!!) and we packed up the car again and headed to Montgomery (North on 45, then 15 miles West of Conroe) for a long ride in the mountains with HRTC. We had hoped to complete the 56 mile loop (which we found out is also the loop for Ironstar), but at the mile 18 rest stop, which was also the turn off for the 36 mile route, I begged Tommy to let me go home. My legs were tired and I just wasn't ready for a ride that challenging. The hills were tough and I haven't quite mastered the art of shifting on Rocky. The route was tough - I need to ride it a few more times - Buffalo Springs is gonna be tough and i need the practice. Tommy was a little pissed that we drove an hour to ride for 2 hours but all in all I think it was worth it.

We came back to town and passed out.

And then we spent the afternoon at the pool with was a magical weekend despite the unreasonable amount of time spent in the 'burbs.


Anonymous said...

WOW! You really went to all different sides of Houston this weekend! ICK. Gotta a really windy ride today, its good practice for Lubbock! My bike is nifty, but I'm sure nothing compared to yours! What speed are you aiming for most of the time? I need to work on my run after the bike too! My running is blowing lately, mostly because of my knees! ~Natalie

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

It was insane. On the hills in Lubbock, I am shooting for an average speed fo 18ish. Preferably in the 19mph range, but I think that's a lofty goal. I suck at hills. We will see! What about you?

I've been so focused on improving my biking that I totally forgot about running - I am screwed for this race!! I'm excited!!