Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bikes. It's the tough things in life.

Tommy and I have been discussing purchasing new bikes. He generously offered to let me get the first one (because he is the sweetest most nicest awesomest man I know)...there is no way we could drop that kind of money on two bikes at the same time. So, I've been doing my research and trying to stomach buying a bike instead of new bedroom furniture. What's really sad is that new bedroom furniture would probably be cheaper.


When I tell people that I intend to use my current roadbike at the Ironman, they tend to laugh at me. My bike, 3 year old, bottom of line Motobecane road bike, has treated me very well over my first two and half seasons of triathlon. I have raced 1 sprint, 2 olympics and 2 70.3's on that thing and never had any problems. The bike cost me about $450 in April of 2007. It's crap but I love it. I have probably spent an additional $200 on it - pedals, shoes, and aerobars - but that has been over the course of 2 years, so it seemed less painful. We moaned and groaned about how ridiculous it was that a bike cost $450.

Now we are looking at bikes in the $3000 range. Ouch. What's even more ridiculous is that the price no longer seems outrageous. Expensive, yes, but reasonable. That's messed up.

We have been smart in the last two years and haven't even touched a nice bike. I didn't want to touch them or ride them or lift them because I didn't want to know what I was missing. Well, the time has come. I got third place in a race and now I need a fancy bike. Hahahaha.

I have narrowed down the field to two or possibly three bikes.

The Cervelo P2C - $2700. This is the bike I THINK I want...but only because Chrissie Wellington, my girl crush, rides this and I love her.

The Felt B12 - $2,949. This bike comes with much better wheels than any of the others, but is slightly pricier.

And possibly the Orbea Ora - $3,399. I haven't done as much research on this one, but it's definitely in the running.

Here is a discussion debating the Felt B12 and the Cervelo P2C. And now a discussion of Cervelo Vs Orbea (on the Cervelo site, so probably biased).


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