Monday, June 15, 2009

Day One. And Counting.

Today is the first day of the next 24 weeks. Which is genius because EVERYDAY is the first day of the next 24 weeks. Them there Texas Aggies be teaching me so many much things.

I'm gonna play these next 24 weeks like they are the next 24 years of my life!! (Varsity Blues? Anyone? Anyone?)

But seriously, today is Day 1 of 168 of what I predict will be some of the toughest days I have dealt with - both physically and mentally. Mostly physically. But I'm sure it will make me clinically insane as well...if it hasn't already.

Some of you have asked what will change now that the REAL training has begun. Well, truthfully, not much. I have done a really good build up to this point, so I have a pretty darn good base and the next few weeks should be cake. The only thing that will really change is that I will no longer be binge drinking with my pals, sad but true, and I will no longer miss workouts because of stupid reasons (hair appointments, happy hour, etc). Up to this point, if something more fun came up, a workout would get slashed - no more!! I know most of you don't think happy hour is a stupid reason, and I agree. I can still do happy hour, I just ALSO have to work will just take some planning.

So, today, the alarm went off at 4:15 and Tommy and I grunted and groaned and whined and got out of bed. We each headed to our pools and put in some swimming. His swim sucked - his shoulder pain decided to come back. And my swim was really good but short because I had a doctors appointment at 7am. So I put in a hard 50 minute swim and called it a day.

Tomorrow we will Turbo Tuesday on the bike trainer, Wednesday we will do a track workout with our group, Thursday we will swim, Friday we will do whatever we feel like doing (a day off is an option!), Saturday we will run 14 miles followed by a 2.5mile running pub crawl where I WILL NOT drink too much (fingers crossed), and on Sunday we will bike in the country.

Let the games begin!!

And very Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!


Allison said...

"I don't want your life" - Varsity Blues....

love it:)

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

So, I watched Varsity Blues with my husband and my mom this weekend. AWKWARD!