Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Legs. Hurting. Ow.

My legs are killing me. And my arms are killing me. And I think I'm addicted to my chiropractor - which I was afraid would happen. Ugh.

I have done 2 really (REALLY) solid weeks of training and I am starting to feel the pains from it.


May 23: Rode 86 miles, followed by a painful 2 mile run at 9min/mile pace. Ow.
May 24: Easy 3 miler and some core with the girls.
May 25: Off due to hangover. My liver got a workout, that was enough.
May 26: Turbo Tuesday - hardest set on the trainer we have EVER done. I almost died. Core at lunch.
May 27: Anaerobic Threshold Swim - 90 minutes of tough swimming. Core at lunch.
May 28: Sprint workout at the track - we ran a total of 9 miles of sprints. Ouch. Core at lunch.
May 29: Easy swim day - went to the pool, swam easy for 45 minutes. Then sun basking.
May 30: 60 mile ride on the flatlands of Katy. Average speed approx 21mph. Followed by a 2.5 mile run at 9:50 pace.
May 31: 40 mile ride on the hills of hell (Montgomery) energy for a run or even a smile.
June 1: Core at lunch and an easy 30 minute swim after work. My legs were thankful.
June 2: Turbo Tuesday - tough set, but nothing crazy. Followed by 2.5 mile run at 9:30 pace.
June 3: First ATP workout - speed and strength.
June 4: I think I'm gonna take a day off. My body will thank me.

My legs feel like jell-o. My right hip hurts. My shoulders hurt. My knees hurt. My neck and hips keep popping. Mostly I feel like an old woman.

I feel like I need to get another long run in - it's been a few weeks since I have done anything over 10 miles and I want to get another ride in the hills of hell under my belt, but I don't think it's gonna happen. I might be able to get a long run in this weekend, but Rocky may have to wait to tackle the hills until another day.


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