Monday, June 08, 2009

One Last Hoorah.

My weekend was fabulous and was just what the doctor ordered for my final weekend of freedom before Ironman training really begins.

Friday after work, I went for a nice long swim, a little bike ride and then I ran to Onion Creek to meet everyone for a post work beverage. It was nice to get in an easy workout and getting all three sports in was really fun. My smell at the OC was probably not so fun for everyone else at the bar however. Tommy and I left early, came home, made some dinner, watched Heroes (we are ALMOST caught up!) and went to bed early.

We set the alarm for 7am on Saturday so we could sleep in a bit and when we woke up and the sun was shining, we were a little disoriented!! It's been a long time since the sun got up before me!

Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that sleeping in on a hot summer day and then trying to run 13 miles isn't fun for anyone. We (and by we, I mean me) were slow and irritable and then this made Tommy irritable and all around it was a crappy run and we were both angry. BLAH! But we finished it. After about 17 hours. Ugh. Tommy took Don for a 4 miler and then I cleaned the windows and made breakfast.

We showered and headed to Spring for Maddie and Caleb's 4th birthday party - it was a lot of fun and I was so glad to see them! We came home early, made dinner, watched Heroes (seriously, ALMOST caught up!) and went to bed early.

Sunday, we woke up early to drive to Sugarland to see Francis in the Tejas Tri. He did awesome and we had a good time watching him. We saw a lot of other friends as well - everyone did awesome!

After the race, we met up with everyone at the pool for our One Last Hoorah celebration. I want to thank everyone who stopped the pool yesterday - Janelle, Thomas, Francis, Matt, Melissa, Zach, Rebecca, Craig, Sabrina, Michelle, Jamie, Ly, Mike, Matt, and Adam - it meant a lot that you all were there! I had a really great time and I am so thankful to have such great friends in my life!

The pool party was a success. As any good party will tell you, it's not a good party unless the cops show up. And they did. And it was good. We played floating flip cup. We did flip cup/swimming races. We drank. We ate. We talked. It was magical.

And then we came home early, made dinner, watched Heroes (seriously, ALMOST caught up!) and went to bed early...Tommy missed the dinner and tv portion of the evening, but I enjoyed myself very much.

My hangover and exhaustion today are my reminder of why I WILL NOT be partying like that for the next 6, thanks for being there that last time. My hangover thanks you too.

My pee is so bright that it could light all of Manhattan and I determined that an Abs Class is not a smart idea if your stomach is already kind of angry. Ow.

Thanks again - I am so lucky to have some of the most amazing friends in the world. I'll be back in 6 months - I promise. Don't forget about me!!


Anonymous said...

We are watching heroes too! We just finished with season 1 & 2. I feel like Peter & Nathan are always going to kiss. Their brotherly love is weird. ~natalie

Tommy said...

Didn't need the jorts pic on the internet, but thanks. You must love them and encourage me to wear them more!

Marchand Family said...

WTF, you didn't get rid of the jorts with the "way too short shorts"?