Friday, March 12, 2010

You know how you think you are funnier than you actually are? Yeah. That.

Tommy and I think that we are the most hysterical people on the planet. I am pretty sure that the rest of the planet would completely disagree, but, I gotta be honest here, that boy makes me laugh harder than anyone I have ever met. I find it very sad that there isn't a tv show with us as the stars. It would be a cult classic.

Earlier this week, we had a conversation on instant messenger (yes, we do most of our talking via instant messenger and texting...yayy internet age) regarding the age old debate of "More Dogs or No More Dogs?" I, of course, am right in thinking that we need more dogs, and Tommy (always the pessimist) is very anti-More Dogs.

Below is our discussion that we were both laughing about when we got home. For your information: "Pugzy" is what we call all dogs. "... ..." is intented to be the scene from Borat when he is learning to use the word "NOT".

The discussion begins when I sent him a link to a shelter hosting an adoption day...they were offering incentives for adopting older and bigger dogs.

Tommy: no more pugzys

me: why why why?
they are on sale!!!

Tommy: its too much

me: puppies dont get any cheaper than that
you hate me

Tommy: never baby. just don't want to have an animal farm
one beast gets in the way enough
and the fur oh goodness

me: but baby! you let your other wife have two
its like you love her more than you love me
the fur is good for you

Tommy: no way. those dogs weighed 15 pounds together

me: but it was two!
i will be pitiful tonight

Tommy: so we should have 70 the size of Betty?
glad you are going out to dinner then!

me: siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
this is not the choice

Tommy: it IS the choice
get a pugzy or not get a pugzy


Tommy: ......
you would have 10 of them

me: hahahahaha
i would be so happy

Tommy: We wouldn't be able to even walk down the stairs
wouldnt remember their names

me: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Tommy as long as we never go out of town
wouldnt even know if one got away...
spend all evening just counting the pugzys

me: hahahahahahaha

Tommy: haha
you can come home at lunch and let the pugzys out

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