Monday, March 15, 2010

Racing Season Begins!

It's finally here. Off season is over and the fun is about the begin. The weather is warming up, which means I am no longer whining about being freezing (well, at least I'm not whining as MUCH) and going to the pool isn't quite as terrifying.

So far, I have two races under my belt this season - TIR and the Bayou City Classic 10K. Both of those races went awesome and I was reminded of why I like racing...finally. My race enthusiasm pretty much hit rock bottom after Ironman, but I feel it slowly coming back!

My parents really enjoyed it and did awesome, although, their first comments were, "How in the world do you do that a few more times to run a marathon?". Haha. Yeah, I have no idea either.

The next races on the calendar are the Gateway to the Bay sprint and olympic (sprint on Saturday and olympic on Sunday)...we have a wedding to go to on Saturday night, so we figured Sunday's race won't go so well. Hence the race on Saturday as well. Maybe I can get SOMETHING decent out of the weekend.

All in all, the racing season is upon us!! YAYYY!

Tommy and I went out to BFE for our first ride since IMCOZ and it was glorious. My hoo-ha isn't quite used to sitting on my seat for that long anymore and my body isn't used to being aero, but overall, my legs felt great and it was wonderful to be outside in the gorgeous weather!

Unfortunately, due to Weddingpalooza 2010, I will probably be unable to ride outside again until IMFlorida 70.3...ooops. That'll be a great race. NOT! I'm giving Florida an asterisk. :) Ha.

Weddingpalooza 2010 officially begins today. I have something wedding related (either the actual wedding or a bachelorette party) every weekend from now until May. I'm a little stressed out and exhausted by it all, but the people getting married are some of my nearest and dearest and I am so excited for them!

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