Thursday, March 18, 2010

4 years!

Tommy and I met 4 years ago today. Time flies!!

I still can't believe that I have been lucky enough to meet my best friend at the right time in our lives to make it work. One day earlier and I might have thought he was a jerk, one day later and someone else would have snatched him up!

We met through a mutual friend at Little Woodrows when LSU and A&M were playing in the basketball finals. We hit it off, but neither of us pursued anything - his life was in a slight stage of turmoil - until mid-April when we happened to get quite drunk and make out at LZ's Pub.

The rest is history!

I have spent the last 4 years of my life with my very best friend - our relationship was anything but simple in the beginning, but it WAS easy. We can talk about anything and there is no one I enjoy more than him.

Our history by numbers:
2: Number of months we dated before he met my parents
8: Number of months we dated before we moved in together
1: Number of times my mom hung up on me when I told her we were moving in together (it was an "accident" she says)
700: Number of square feet in the first "house" that we shared
18: Number of months we survived in that "house" before "upgrading" to another sh1thole
1: Number of times we got robbed in the middle of the night
17: Number of times our cars got broken into in the street
12: Number of days we have spent in France
37,923: Bottles of wine consumed in France
2,234,893: Blocks of cheese consumed in France
2: Number of days we have spent in London
1: Number of Beefeaters I tried to befriend
6: Number of marathons completed
1: Number of marathons begun and finished, but skipped the middle
2: Number of Ironman finishes
1: Week in Hawaii on freezing cold beaches
1: Honeymoon in Curacao with crystal clear water
8: Number of ounces in a standard beer in Curacao (this is just wrong!)
6: Number of bicycles we own
29: Number of water bottles we own
4: Number of times I have moved since we met
3: Number of homes we have lived in together
5: Number of years (we hope) until we get to live on the water
1: Number of dogs we have
11ty Billion: Number of dogs I wish we had
17: Number of times per day I curse our freakishly small garage
9: Pounds of beignets have been eaten (and beignets are light, so that's a lot)
11: Number of months we dated before Tommy proposed
14: Number of times Tommy has threatened divorce over the game Taboo
1: Number of things in a park that start with the letter "J"
4: Number of friends I tried to make on our vacation to Scottsdale who turned out to live in our street
5: Number of times we eat sushi per week
46: Number of times we wish we were eating Cafe Adobe instead
365: Number of days we would like to spend outside
1: Number of weekends we have spent in Germany during Eurocup '08
1: Number of trains on which Tommy had to stow away
1: Number of times we saw my friend dance nekkid in Vegas
2: Number of times I called my mom about my nekkid friend...but don't remember the call
5: Number of dollars spent gambling in Vegas
5,000ish: Number of miles spent biking together
??: Number of miles spent running together
60: Number of granola bars we eat in a week
0: Number of reasons we need to sit outside and drink wine
36: Number of times we say "I love you" every day (I know, it's sickening!)
18: Number of months we dated until we got married
1: Number of times we danced on the bar at our wedding
2: Number of movies available on our Netflix account
300: Worst movie ever rented via Netflix
1: Number of times Tommy has danced to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce at 5AM (I wish this number were higher)
50: Number of inches tall that our laundry pile gets before we decide to fold it
42: Number of times the nest is contiminated each night
3: Number of times each night that Tommy wishes I ate spicy food
6: Number of times each night that I wish Tommy ate bland food
929,348,124.4: Number of times Tommy makes me laugh every day
Infinity: Number of ways I am thankful for Tommy and the love and laughter he brings to my life

Here's to the last 4 years of happiness and many, many, many more to come!


Molly said...

cute photos, and great list! Now I want to go back to France for wine and cheese!

Melissa said...

I'd like to add one to the list...
1,892-Times christy has delayed the watching of a movie or show because she was too scared to do it without Tommy.


Again...I LOVE love love summarizing awesome things in life by the's funny and fun! Go Team Blain!!!

KCWoodhead said...

Congrats on 4 years, and here's to many many more. I hope to find something similar to what you all have found one of these days...hopefully before I'm the crazy old lady living in my apartment with 80 cats.

Tommy said...

Just read this post...hilarious. YOU are the funny one my love! XOXO!!! 4 years went by so fast...