Monday, November 02, 2009

Week 20 - 155 Miles

In the water: 0. Oops. Maybe THAT's why my legs are wasted.
On Rocky: 130 miles - 6 hours 50 minutes.
In my Asics: 25.1 miles - 4 hours 18 minutes
On the bosu ball: 2 hour

Total Mileage - 155.1 miles - 11 hours and 8 minutes

Well, it's finally the month of the race...I WAS feeling super ready and super strong and super prepared. And now, well, not I kind of feel like crap. My legs feel like lead, my shoulder hurts from my wreck, my bike fit feels funky all of the sudden...basically, I think I peaked too soon. Not sure how that will play into my final week of training, but oh well. I think I'm gonna push this week like normal, relax this weekend (do the distance, but do it slow) and then give myself a break next week.

Although, however much my workouts this weekend sucked, I FINALLY got caught up on some sleep. Thursday night, we went to bed early and slept in (till 6:30 - wowzas!!), Friday night we karaoked late, but slept in till like 10am (holy crap, where did that come from?!?) and Sunday we went to bed a reasonable hour, missed our alarm and slept till 7am. Seriously, who ARE these people?? All in all, I feel semi-rested for the first time in at least a year which is nice. and to top it off, I had an amazing weekend with friends...karaoke in a tutu, a gorgeous mid morning run, followed by delicious mexican on the porch of Cafe Adobe with my BFF's, a wonderful evening at home with Tommy, a gorgeous bike ride topped off with beers at Onion Creek with Jenn. My weekend couldn't have been any better!!

More on the karaoke and my tutu later...

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