Tuesday, November 24, 2009


4: Number of days till IRONMAN COZUMEL!
2,364: Number of miles ridden on Rocky
476: Number of miles run
35: Number of miles swum
40: Number of hours spent in the gym doing something other than swimming, biking or running
1: Number of half Ironmans I completed
1: Number of half Ironmans that I showed up for, but chickened out due to weather
2: Number of weddings that seriously screwed up my training schedule, but I got drunk anyway, because hey, that’s what friends do.
120: Number of dollars I give the maid to clean my house so that I can be sane
5: The number of century rides completed
5: Number of trips to Dallas
2: Number of times I rode my bike in Dallas
2: Number of times I swore I would never ride my bike in Dallas ever again
0: Number of times I plan on traveling with my bike ever again (after this weekend of course)
3: Number of martinis required to help me sleep well
7: Number of times cupcakes were brought to ATP
3: Number of bike crashes where blood was drawn
1: Number of bike crashes that were serious (really only Tommy)
Eleventy Billion: Number of sports bras required to complete a training week without doing laundry
9: Number of days I get to spend in Cozumel!
12: Number of friends coming to play in Cozumel with me!
1,000,000: Number of dollars spent at Costco on granola bars, Gatorade and wine
1: Number of scheduled workouts missed
2: Number of glasses of wine required the night before a race
8: Number of ounces of cheese I plan on putting on my pre-race mac and cheese tomorrow night
17: Number of slices of pizza I plan on eating tonight at Collina’s
4: Number of hours of sleep I normally get
2: Number of naps I take on the weekends
75: Number of pounds my bike box currently weighs
50: Number of pounds my bike box is allowed to weigh
92: Number of curse words uttered while trying to pack my bike in previously mentioned bike box
37: Number of movies watched before work while biking
Infinity: Number of ways I am thankful for all my friends and family who have been on this journey with me – especially Tommy!!


BreeWee said...

Christy... I hope you have an incredible first Ironman! If we are in the same spot at the same time be sure to say hi... love to meet you! Safe travels chica, and of course have an amazing race!! YOU can do it!

Tommy said...

Good list, very funny! And I can't believe Bree Wee commented on this and you didn't even tell her hi at the race meeting!