Thursday, November 12, 2009

50 Rules for Athletes.

1. If I can do it, anyone can. No, seriously.

2. Never run in the rain without lathering yourself in lube.

3. Buy shoes regularly and don't skimp.

4. You think you can run safely with headphones on, but you can't. Trust me. And you make the trail unsafe for everyone. Be one with nature, ditch the music.

5. Retractable dog leashes are the devil. Control your pet. And no, I probably do not want to pet your filthy animal.

6. If I am biking and yell "on your left", that means I am approaching you from behind, on your left. This typically means that moving to your right is your next move. Go ahead, try it.

7. After a hard workout, take an easy day…or two.

8. Never take a shoe recommendation from a chronically injured runner.

9. Lots of running can make you a great runner. Lots of biking can make you a great biker. Lots of swimming can make you a great swimmer. Lots of ellipticalling will make you a great ellipticaller. It burns the calories, but doesn’t help you run faster!

10. Everyone is fast enough to place in a race. You just have to find a race small enough…or slash the other girls tires.

11. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Run the tangents!

12. You don’t HAVE to do that really hard race, you GET to. The medal is your badge of honor.

13. Running while you are sick and tired will just make you sick and tired of running.

14. You know it’s been a perfect workout if when you finish that last set of intervals, you COULD do another one, but you don’t.

15. If you train with a hangover, you can race with hangover.

16. We train to race. If there isn’t an ultimate goal in mind, what’s the point? Pick a race, set a goal, make a plan and execute.

17. Always double knot your shoelaces. Even better, get speed laces that don’t require tying.

18. Never wait in line for a port-a-potty. Learn to squat, whip it out, or pee your pants…but don’t waste 5 minutes waiting in line.

19. Always say hello to a passing cyclist or runner. A simple wave is all you need…acknowledge their presence.

20. Find your inspiration.

21. Spend your time on your weakness, but don’t forget your strength.

22. Athletes are not machines – you can’t go full steam ahead every day.

23. When running in a group and you encounter a mad dog, you don’t need to outrun the dog, just the slowest person in the group. This is a lesson in pacing.

24. Cheer for your teammates.

25. Enjoy the crowd…that’s what makes this different than your training runs.

26. You can’t listen to music while running and expect to stay focused.

27. Find a group that you trust and enjoy and train with them. They will keep you accountable and make it fun.

28. Be aware for your surroundings. If you run in the dark, in the ghetto, alone, with headphones, you are asking for it. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

29. Push yourself harder than you ever though possible…just to prove that you can.

30. Leave it all on the race course. When you cross that finish line, you should know that you went as hard and as fast as you possibly could.

31. Never try anything new on race day – no new clothes, no new food, nothing.

32. Take your dog with you when you can – he will love it and love you more for it.

33. Run no more than 2 abreast. And that does not mean 2 abreast with 5 feet in between you. That means almost shoulder to shoulder. You’re slow and I can’t get around you when you take up the whole trail.

34. Control your pet.

35. I can tell if you are doing fartleks off me, so please pick something else to measure your distance.

36. If you wear the same clothes the gym every day, they smell and then no one can use the machines anywhere in a 30’ radius of you. Learn to use the washing machine and buy some more t-shirts.

37. Waking up early never gets easier. Ever. But if you have a goal, it at least seems worth it…most of the time.

38. Someone needs to convince races to start giving our finishers SHORTS instead of shirts. I have more shirts than I can shake a stick at, but only about 3 pairs of shorts (see #36).

39. If you don’t have the support of your family and friends, you will fail. Surround yourself with people who support you.

40. Take the time to do an easy workout with a friend to catch up. You will still burn the calories…and it’s better for you than beer.

41. If you normally drink the night before a training run, drink the night before a race. You don’t want to shock your body!

42. Increase your core strength. Not only to get a 6 pack, but it helps prevent injury.

43. Don’t ever give up. You can finish. You may not win, but you can always finish. Put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat.

44. Don’t bother taking your bike to DFW, TX for a bike ride. It’s not worth it.

45. Running anywhere other than Houston, TX is hilly…but that’s just because we are wimps. Make the hills your ally.

46. If the doctor can’t fix you, find another doctor.

47. Always drive the race course beforehand. Even if it takes 3 hours.

48. Listen to the advice of your friends. You don’t have to DO the advice, but it’s always good to hear the opinions.

49. 90 rpms WILL make you faster.

50. Don’t die until you cross that finish line.


natalie said...

Greatly offended by #44. I took my bike to Beaumont once and it sucked. Therefore so does Houston.

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Sorry sweetie, but I'm two for two there!

Just for the record, we talked to several of the cyclists who said that they drive over 2 hours to find decent biking in the area...they typically just bike inside.

Houston also sucks for biking, but the 'burbs are amazing! And they are only 30 minutes away!

Chuck said...

I also biked in Baytown once and so all of Houston sucks for biking. :)

Tommy said...

Addendum to #9 - running fast will make you faster, not running a lot. Same for the rest. :)