Monday, November 09, 2009


It was definitely a weekend of good workouts, which I may or may not have mentioned before...

But the best part happened just now, when I realized that not only did I PR the 25K race, but also, for the first time, when viewing my results, you do not have to scroll down at all. I finished close enough to the top of my age group to fit on the same page as them. Yeah. That's a first. GO ME!

2005 HSMA Classical 25K - 2:50:29, average pace of 10:58
2006 HSMA Classical 25K - 2:32:39, average pace of 9:49
2009 HMSA Classical 25K - 2:26:12, average pace of 9:24

Getting faster!! I think a 4:30 marathon is in the air this year kids!


natalie said...

Great job!! Keep up the good work even with a hurt foot!

Tommy said...

Go team! Race time predictor says 4:14...

And probably faster if you don't ride 93 miles the day before the race!