Thursday, November 05, 2009


Can’t live with ‘em…don’t want to live without ‘em! Because, let’s be honest, life would suck without a SkyMall magazine and without engineers, who else could possibly come up with a design for an Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent or this (that I totally already own - thanks D&G)? Yeah. No one. That’s right. Life would suck without engineers. And the SkyMall magazine.

But alas, I am no longer an engineer…so I’m pretty much disposable at this point. I got this great new career, although I have no idea what to put on forms when they ask for my occupation. Regardless, I still come from an engineering mindset and upbringing. I am great at math, I like to do logic puzzles and I am type A all the way.

Type A personalities are a problem in a lot of situations…mostly social situations, as Type A’s aren’t known for their sense of humor and ability to have more than 1 nanosecond of fun, but also in situations where, for example, one might decide one wants a tattoo.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m considering a tattoo. Well, for the record, I am 95% sure I am getting a tattoo…now it’s just design and location, location, location.

And when and engineer decides they want a tattoo, the big guns come out…and I don’t mean biceps. I have done my research.

I intend to complete an Ironman triathlon in approximately (exactly) 24 days and after that time, I intend to get the Ironman tattoo. Yes, I know it’s a brand name, and yes, I know it’s free advertising, and yes, I don’t give a flying flip. If Pizza Hut comes out with a bad ass race, I’ll get a slice of cheese on my butt cheek. Until then, just the Mdot please and thanks. I’m thinking of thin black outline of the Mdot, about the size of a nickel.

I have a couple of criteria in selecting my tattoo location.
• It needs to be in a place that will not get stretch marks should I ever become large and in charge.
• It needs to be at least moderately concealed for work and if/when I decide to get dressed up.
• It needs to be visible most other times (what’s the point of a tattoo that no one ever sees?).

This has led me to 3 possible options, with one front runner:
1. The inside of my wrist (probably the right wrist as my left is usually covered by a watch)
2. Behind my ear – I wear my hair down 98% of the time
3. On the top of my foot

My wrist is the front runner and in true engineer fashion, I am doing my research. I have fake tattoos of various sizes that I am wearing to help me decide if I really do want this thing.

Because that’s what happens when engineers decide to get tattoos.

So far today, I have gotten several incredulous stares…

What are your thoughts?? To tat or not to tat?


natalie said...

I would never ever ever get a tattoo, but I will never ever ever do an iron man. And hey, if I did an iron man I would want everyone to know about it, and to help me remember the glory days.

I don't like any of those locations. Does an iron man tattoo really go with all of your cool heels? I think you should get one on the top of your shoulder. You usually wear your hair down and it would cover it if you were wearing a strapless, and if you were wearing a tank top or at a casual event it would be okay for everyone to see it. This way when you are running at memorial everyone can see it on your shoulder. And people at Memorial Park count!

Allison said...

I have two - one that will def. get stretch marks (bad 18yr old decision)

and one on the inside of my left ankle... which I like - it's visible almost all of the time... but still can be concealed for work reasons.

I say do it- you've come this far to do the IM you might as well document it....

Cass said...

Get the tattoo. This topic came up last night at "book club" with some of my girlfriends and I was shocked at how controversial the location of the tattoo could be. I'm thinking lower back for mine. Yes, I know, this is technically a "tramp stamp"; however, can an m-dot really be a tramp stamp??

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Natalie - sorry dear. I think you lose. The wrist is ABOVE AND BEYOND the location in the lead. My butterfly tats are really starting to grow on me. Ha.

Allison - The inside of the ankle is a good option, but I'm very wierd about marring my legs. My hair and my legs are my two "things"...I'm afraid to mess with them. Ha.

Cassie - wait for me! We can go together. And you can get your Panama City License Plate from Panama City Beach while I get my little tiny tat on my wrist. Ha. But seriously. Wait for me. And yes, I do think that an Mdot can be trashy. But that's just me!

Tommy said...

I'm gonna put mine on my forehead. Will you still love me???

I don't think having it on your ankle will "mar" your legs...but if you think of a tattoo as marring a part of your body is that what you really want to do?

I think any of the locations would work, but if you are concerned about work then your wrist or your foot would probably show a lot of the time...although most people at your job will know you have one anyway so I wouldn't even worry about it unless you leave Dow. Then cover it up on your job interview. After they hire you they are stuck with your Mdot!

Regardless, I support you - you deserve it!!!