Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I went to the foot doctor today, whom I really liked BTW, and he told me quote, un-quote, "to HTFU". That's when I knew he was the doctor for me.

HTFU, for you non-triathletes, stands for Harden the F Up. And my doctor said it to me. Niiiice.

Anyways, basically, he did xrays and checked out my foot (duh). There were no visible signs of a fracture, but yet again, there is still a chance of a fracture in the future. Mostly he thinks that my big toe bone is inflammed because it overlaps the second toe bone. He said there is probably no way it will get better without rest, but that he didn't figure I would actually rest, so I better HTFU. And when it starts to hurt at mile 6 of the marathon, I better HTFU. So, it looks like I'll be HTFUing for the next few weeks.

If it still hurts after the race, he said he would recommend an MRI to check for fracture again, but there isn't much point in doing that right now since I'm not gonna stop running anyway.

So HTFU it is. I'll be laying off the speedwork and the extreme mileage, but otherwise, I'll be training as normal.

Viva la HTFU.

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