Friday, October 23, 2009

Drowned Rat.

The good news is that my longest run of the season is done. The bad news is that my foot is killing me now.


Our training schedule says we should never run more than 2.5 hours, but since that would mean that I would never run more than about 15 miles (because I am slower than molasses), I threw that crap out that window. So, we have done mostly 10-12 miles every weekend, a few 15 milers, and then we planned to 19 this weekend. Ideally, we would do 19-20 a couple of times, but life and injuries have prevented that. Oh well.

And then Vince decided that this weekend was the best weekend in world to get married. Sweet.


So that meant we could either go the wedding, not drink (much), come home early and run 20 miles the morning after...and then drive home to Houston. OR we could do our run during the week, ride on Saturday before the wedding and be able to play a little bit that night...and of course, still plan on running on Sunday, just not 20 miles.

We opted to scheduled a 20 mile run for Thursday before work so we could play. Big surprise. Ouch.

Of the Mother Nature has it out to get me and planned a wonderful slew of storms for yesterday morning. Thanks biatch.

Our alarm went off at 3:30 (because that's how early I have to wake up to run 20 miles and still get to work by 9ish) and it was pouring. We checked the radar and there was a big red blob over our house (I could have told you that by looking out the window, but I digress)...we decided to wait it out thirty minutes, and see if the red section had passed. It did, and we headed out to the park.

We were ready to run at 4:30AM, alone at the park...seriously, it was a ghost town. We saw one chick (we saw her twice, she ran far), but that was it...for those non-Houstonians out there, the park is packed 24/7. There are always always always people there. It was creepy to see it so barren.

I wore a trash bag for the first loop, but quickly realized that was a pointless effort. We dodged puddles for about 0.25 miles and then realized that was pointless too. It was just going to be wet. Really really really wet. We ran one loop at the park, then headed out towards the Heights trail. Heights was a mud pit, so we ran up our old street (where we discovered our house had been demolished...siiigh) to 20th and a water stop.

Oh, and I peed my pants. Ha. It was much easier than peeing on the bike and the rain helped me feel clean again. I mean, I was soaked to the bone. What difference does a little pee make? Not much I discovered.

I actually peed my pants 3 times during this run. I'm so gross. I wouldn't be friends with me if you paid me. Totally awesome though. Watch our Cozumel! If peeing your pants is cool, then consider me Senor Miles Davis!

From 20th, we headed towards the White Oak Bayou trail and that's when the lightening started. Ugh. I'm totally down with running in the rain (I'm lying, I would never run in the rain if I hadn't carbo loaded like a champ and didn't want to waste the calories), but lightening is just unsafe. And of course, at this point, we are at the furthest point in our run and have no choice but the continue running in the rain back to the park. TC Jester was a mud pit, but there was no avoiding it, so we slogged through it...slowly and painfully. Those 2 miles really hurt our splits!

We finally got back to the park, without being struck by lightening, and planned to do two more loops. I started getting grouchy, so we only did about 1.5 loops before Tommy threatened to divorce me and I quit, but that was 19 miles, so eh...that's good enough for me.

The rain stopped long enough for us to each foam roller and stretch a little.

My shoes were STILL wet this morning. I am chaffed in places I didn't know I could chafe (mostly places I didn't put Body Glide/Chois Butter because I didn't know I could chafe there...duh), but I didn't get a single blister (what? I was surprised too.). My quads are a little sore today, but nothing outrageous...I definitely wished I had a one story house, but it wasn't that bad. Mostly my foot is hurting a lot.

So, 100 mile ride tomorrow, then another hard week next week and we are D.O.N.E. Finally!!


Tommy said...

Oh the chafing. Make it go away!

Anonymous said...

you are my hero. Your big toe has more dedication than me. ~natalie

KCWoodhead said...

Keep up the awesome work - y'all are almost there!!!

Marchand Family said...

Is peeing on yourself a big deal?? I do that at least once a week...JK...mostly.

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

The chafing is bad. I'm starting to scab over. Ugh.

Natalie - I'm waiting for the day for the dedication to falter. Or maybe that day was today...I slept in for the first time this season. OMG. HEAVEN!

Thanks Kathleen! You're really almost there though, so your optimism just makes me want to hurt you! :)

D - I don't think peeing your pants is a big deal, obviously. But other seems to think it is gross. I hate them. But mostly it's just a wierd sensation. My biggest fear is that I get too used to it and then I start peeing my pants all the time, everwhere. That would be unacceptable.