Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Moon Schmuper Schmoon

I am officially harboring a full term baby in belly as of today. Anna has reached her 37th Week birthday and I am ready to get this show on the road. Anna apparently has very different ideas. She's wild and woolly already. Definitely doesn't get that trait from me.

Anyway, I haven't written lately because, well, I'm not feeling funny. I'm not Debbie Downer anymore, I'm just not thinking everything is funny like normal. I mean, I didn't even laugh out loud at Wipeout the other night. And I ALWAYS laugh out loud at Wipeout. I'm mostly just feeling fat and I'm in quite a bit of watching people whack themselves in the head with the Bouncy Balls just isn't as amusing as it normally is.

On Saturday night the Super Full Moon came 'round and I was fully hoping that the tidal forces would pull this baby out of me, but no cigar. I'm not normally a superstitious person, but I AM a person who is very tired of being pregnant, who was one day short of a full term baby and who was hoping with all her heart that Saturday would be the day.  I even went outside and wagged my belly at the moon.  For good luck you know.

No cigar.  I did have a few contractions during the night that I totally tried to imagine into something more, but nonetheless, I just got a really restless nights sleep.

Dam you Moon and your super fullness.

I was able to start walking again last week and I think it had a HUGE impact on my morale.  I love being outside and the past month being stuck inside was really doing a number on my sanity.  I spent a few hours at the park almost everynight, walking, people watching, attempting to run (hahahaha), and just generally enjoying March in Texas.  Gotta love it. 

I completed my Labor and Delivery playlist - my iPad is uploaded and ready to rock.  Hospital bag is packed, Anna's clothes are washed and loaded and my countdown has begun.  One month from today is the day my doc says she will induce me if I haven't already gone into labor...soooo, one month from today I WILL have a baby. (OMG, I have to suffer for another month, heads will roll).

At our final ultrasound last week, it was confirmed that Anna is still a girl (and I saw it with my own eyes, and therefore believe it now), she has a full head of hair, small head and giant thighs (Gonna be a cheerleader?  Oh snap!) and is weighing in at about average.  They predict that she will be about 7.5lbs-8.5lbs at birth.  We will see! 

My maternity portrait arrived on Saturday and it looks great!  I am so happy with how it turned out and how you can't tell if I am unphotogenic or not. 
Sidenote:  You can buy used diapers on Amazon.  This sounds less than ideal.


Molly said...

hang in there Chickie!

Natalie said...

You look fantastic to me! Your hair is looking fabulous. I can't believe you are already at 37 weeks, and I haven't see you pregnant at all. That is just pathetic! You can do it. Just think one more week of work, and then you can relax at home! She seems like she's going to be just the right size!

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Thanks friends! I am taking your encouragement and locking it in a box for me to open on the bad days! :)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOOooo!! Home stretch! And you will lose ~8+ pounds in approximately one minute!! :)

Marchand Family said...

Oh, friend, you're going to miss being pregnant. I know it sucks now, but you'll miss the little things that only you and her share. Enjoy it while you can :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I would've found your blog sooner. Just stopping by fresh off the babycenter Running Mamas thread. I envy your 37th week status. I am at the mere 26-week mark and am already sick of this round ligament pain that I'm pretty sure plans on lingering until the very end.
By the way, you are a smokin' 37-week pregnant lady! (38 weeks by now). May your delivery be memorable in all good ways :)