Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Get the Party Started.

It was an interesting week to say the least.  And one that I am not sad to say is over.  My only regret is that Anna is still not here...

Nonetheless, I had a giant pity party post that I was planning posting, but then my friend Allison wrote this incredibly sweet post on her blog and I am all of the sudden reminded of how lucky I am.  Not that I had forgotten, sometimes you just need it put in perspective.  And in the big scheme of things, my pity party is just pitiful.  (This will not deter me from actually HAVING a pity party...it just means that I won't be writing about it at this exact moment...because, dude, 38 weeks pregnant is hard.)  Let's all wish Allison good luck at her first 70.3 attempt in New Orleans in a few weeks - I will cheering you on from afar my dear!  You will be AMAZING!

So, to sum up my pity party (not to whine, but to inform...the post I HAD written was VERY whiny, this is only moderately whiny):
I have been in a lot of pain since about Week 36.  I spent Thursday and Friday of last week in the hospital.  I was having a lot of trouble breathing (at rest) and was feeling really lightheaded.  They ran a bunch of tests, but were unable to find the source of the infection (I had high white blood cell count).  By Friday, the count had come down (still high, but lower than before) and they released me on bedrest.  The good news is that bedrest alleviates most of my pain (yayy!).  The bad news is that I don't tolerate bedrest well.  I'm kind of a lazy sort, but I like to earn my laziness...I don't allow myself to just sit around.  I have to run 10 miles to earn a few hours of trash tv.  That's just how I roll.  Sooo, this uninterrupted laziness is getting very, very, very old.  Very. very, very quickly.  And not having a schedule makes it hard to remember to brush your teeth.  And that's just gross.
Me, hanging out with my oxygen mask.

At work, they started a pool to guess when Anna will arrive...$5 per entry, closest to the date/time wins...winner takes all.  I selected April 1 and April 21...I really think she will come on Friday (only because Tommy will be about 5 hours away...) or April 21 because she hates me and wants me to suffer for as long as possible.  :)  Acting like a terd already.  She gets it from Tommy.

But enough with the pity partying.  I'm on bedrest, which is enough to make even the most inactive people go insane.  But I am working from home, so at least I am occupied during the day...and then I make Tommy perform a song and dance when he gets home.

My mom is the cutest thing ever.  She teaches 1st grade, and on Friday, they were working on letter writing...so she wrote me a letter.  Love that woman.

All the important parts of the letter are circled.
All my whining about my lack of king cake worked!  :)  My father-in-law heard my plea and sent one over and OMG, most delicious thing ever.  If you have never experienced a real New Orleans king cake (preferrably from Randazzo's), you haven't lived (and no, that crap they sell at Kroger is NOT the real deal).  It was even 5 days old due to some issues with the UPS and STILL the most delicious thing ever.  And the best thing about king cake is that you can eat it for breakfast.  Thank ya Bill! 

At some point last week, I became a full fledged pregnant woman with hormones and cravings and all those wonderful things you read about.  Until then, I had just been in pain.  Now, I get upset about it too.  And I may or may not have cried when the washing machine took too long.  Yeah.  Hormones.  Awesome.  And I had my first craving...Sprite.  MUST. HAVE. SPRITE.  NOOOOOOOOOW.  I don't like Sprite.  But man, I gotta have me a Sprite and I gotta have me a Sprite at this moment.  So, now, thanks to my wonderful husband, we have a refrigerator that is fully stocked with delicious and nutritious Sprite.

My dog licked my last two Tagalongs (or Peanut Butter Patties or WHATEVER).  But dude, I'm still eatin' 'em.  Those are the last two.  I can't miss out on the peanut buttery goodness until next year.  Stupid dog.  Hope she brushed her teeth after she ate poop the other day.

All in all, I am one lucky gal...thanks for the reminder Allison. :) And man, that Ironman finisher video gets me everytime.  If having Anna is even half as good as finishing that race was, she will be worth all the pain I am dealing with right now.  Can't wait to meet our stubborn little girl...the fat lady is singing, so let's get this over with!


Tricia said...


Pam said...

You should set up a PayPal account so Blogland can get in on the pool. I'm good for $5 on April 9th.

But really, I'm so sorry you're in pain. :( I hope that baby evacuates your uterus quite hastily!

Natalie said...

Dear if you want to whine, let it rip! You have the right to whine. You were in the hospital for pete's sake. Carrying a baby around is HARD, and you haven't slept in ages. I hope she comes soon, so you don't die of boredom in your bed. Do you have netflix streaming? And have you reached the end of the internet yet? Can't wait until she comes. I promise to come visit!

RunningShorts said...

awww, look at you w/ your oxygen mask and sports watch!!!

i am so sorry you are so uncomfortable and i hope the time passes quickly until you are off of bedrest and you have your little girl.

take care!!