Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Due to doctor's orders, I am not allowed to run until for the next two weeks...it'd be too painful anyway, so I don't really want to, but in 2 weeks, it's on! I'll walk through the pain if it will make me hatch sooner rather than later! But until the running/walking can begin again, I am stuck in the pool or on the bike...and bored out of my freaking mind. It's FAR too gorgeous outside to be inside and stationary. Steve Harvey and Family Feud can only get me so far.

Alas, I've been swimming and biking and today I tried aqua jogging.

The swimming is going okay...I mean, I can swim all day, but where the belly used to make me more bouyant, lately, it's DEFINITELY dragging my butt down. AND I'm having to wear a bikini because there are no swimsuits that will accomodate this monstrosity anymore...and no one wants to see a 34 weeks pregnant lady traipsing around the pool in a bikini. Trust me. And then, I can't push off the wall because it makes my bottoms fall off. Ha. Oh the drama!

I tried aqua jogging today - which is easily the most awkward/boring/strange activity you can possibly do. But it was a nice change. What I really determined is that even in water, I require a sports bra. Ow.

The biking is kind of fun still because I can rock out to music and go to a class and socialize...which is my favorite part of exercise...I love the people! But my hugeness means I am sitting wierd on the bike and I think I pinched a nerve in my back last week. It's feeling better and better everyday, so hopefully I can bike again tomorrow. 2 days at the pool in a row is about 2 days too many for me.

My 30th birthday is in 2 weeks and I plan on spending the day walking and walking and walking...drinking mass quantities of wine sounds like a much more enjoyable birthday activity, but the quicker this little one evacuates, the quicker I can have mass quantities of wine...so walking it is. The wine can wait. It gets better with age anyway!

We have our final ultrasound scheduled for March 17th - I CANNOT wait. This will get me confirmation that she does not have a weener and will estimate her size...and about 37 other things that are way more important regarding our overall health. I can't wait to see her one last time before she gets here!


Audrey said...

WOW! That is so soon!!!!!! Ahhh!!!! Good for you for still exercising. I totally think I am going to be like, "chocolate please." That has pre-natal nutrients, right?

Pam said...

Here's to no weiners!

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

@Audrey - Oh, I'm totally like "please pass the bacon"...and I am well aware that the easy 45 minutes I swam in the pool in no way negates the delicious bacon...but dam, bacon. Love it.

@Pam - Team No Weeners!

Natalie said...

How exciting! You are so hard core to want to work out so bad. I would take this time off and enjoy it while you can! What's the exact due date?