Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fluency at Life.

So they (they being the powers that decide who is cool and who is not) say you become fluent in a language when you start to think or dream in that language.  My friend, Kanon, moved to France and she said she knew she was fluent when she began talking for her cat (you know how crazy pet owners have voices for their pets?) in French.  When we went to visit, her cat would talk to me in French, with a French accent.   It was the craziest thing.  This was the same weekend that Tommy got drunk and put on all of his prove some point that I am sure was totally irrelevant to wearing 2 weeks worth of underwear...but alas...the wine had been flowing, so I may have just THOUGHT the cat was talking to me in French...

Point of this story is to say that I have deemed myself officially fluent in the language of the deaf.  In my dreams last night, I kept saying, "what?" and "huh?" to the people I was talking to.  I mean, really?  In MY dreams, I don't know what the characters are supposed to be saying?  It just seems wrong that I should need them to repeat themselves.  I feel like my subconscious should be more efficient than that.  I only get a couple hours of sleep a night.  Do we really need to waste time having people repeat themselves?  Me and Mr. Subconcious will be having a chat ASAP.  Dreams should never be THAT similar to real life. 

[Sidenote:  I just tried to finish off a box of Lucky Charms only to realize there is WAY more in the box than I need/want.  Now I HAVE to eat it because milk touched it. DRAMA at the hizzouse!]

[Seriousnote:  Do you think people who are born deaf dream in spoken language or sign language (or possibly the written word)? ]


Pam said...

Hmmm... how could they dream in something they've never heard? If they don't know what a human voice even sounds like, how could it be in their dreams?

I mean, I don't dream in Swahili because Ive never heard it. Seems like the same principles would apply.

Now I wish I knew a deaf person to ask!

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Pam - I like that you selected Swahili instead of, I dunno, Spanish. Haha. But food for thought, some deaf people are taught to, they can comprehend sound and the meaning of words, right? Even if they haven't heard it? I really have no idea!