Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another 26.2

Truthfully, the thought of running another marathon right now makes me a little bit nauseous. Odds of getting violently ill on race day is high. Awesome!

My plan all along had been to train hard for the Ironman, squeeze in one more long run before the marathon, and then I would be good to go to meet my 4:30 goal.


My body totally rejected this plan. Before the Ironman, I could have questionably run a 4 hour marathon…and therefore my 4:30 goal was a no-brainer. I had that one in the bag. AFTER the Ironman however is an entirely different story. My body is tired and I was afraid to push it too hard (which was probably the right call) and I am just not ready for race day.


And to top it all off, I’ve gotten SO SLOW. Like snail slow. Like the story of the tortoise and hare doesn’t even apply to me because I am the flea that can’t even hold onto the dumb turtles shell. Seriously. I’m THAT slow.

My legs feel pretty good lately…but they feel pretty good SLOW. They aren’t having any part of speed work. Or speed in general. They’ll go out and run…if you want to call it that…but they aren’t winning any awards (not that they won awards before, but SUCK IT).

So my dreams of breaking 4 hours and 30 minutes are long gone. I’ll be lucky to finish in one piece. I’ll be pleased if I PR but really, I’m not counting my chickens, hatched or otherwise, because this race is gonna be UGLY.

In other news, keg party at our house after.


KCWoodhead said...

Yup - I had big goals for the Houston full too, especially after running well in Florida. My legs said not so much. I had to listen to them - the decision did not even make it to my head or my heart. My long runs were miserable and hurting to the bone. I switched to the half at the deadline and am glad I did. Ironically, my long runs now have been going awesome and faster than ever, but I'm still not running a lot and doing no speed work, and those long runs have been 10-14 miles, so I'm not sure I can fairly compare the pace of those to the 18-21 mile runs from before IMFL. Sucks to learn one of the hard lessons that some of us learn (and others seem to never have to learn): we aren't invincible, especially when we really want to be.

I am sad to miss - I had to drop to the half last year too after being so sick in the fall (some of what inevitebly had to do with overtraining). I had run four full Houston's in a row and was certain that would be the only year I missed out on - not so much I guess. But, I had a great 2009 and appreciate that. No full's for me next year so hopefully I can take Houston 2011 by storm!!

You have probably already thought about it, but you could always just not wear your chip and run the half course - it is actually pretty fun to turn around at mile 9 and head home!

Tricia said...

Awww...come on....throw in a positive thought there. Oh wait, that was the keg part, right? :)

Thanks for the comment today.

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Haha - I hadn't realized that I sounded so negative! I'm not upset or sad or anything about the race - it's just the way the cookies crumbled. I can't say I'm excited about the race either (because I SOOOO am not), but I'm gonnd do my best...all the while knowing that it is entirely okay to take a ride in the sag wagon. :)

My long runs have actually been going REALLY well...I've felt great and I've enjoyed them. I've just been REALLY slow. Almost a minute per mile slower than before the Ironman. Oh well! The race will be fine, it will be fun and I'll be glad I did it (when it's over). Haha.

And yes, keg party after!! Kathleen, you coming?

Cass said...

You and I may be running together - or at least I might be trying to hang on to you for dear life. I ran yesterday for the first time in a while and was fine. I figure, who cares what happens with the marathon - so long as I don't hurt myself... Sunday should be interesting... so, about that keg party??