Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doggone Debate

Tommy and I regularly discuss getting another dog. I am very pro-dog and Tommy (always the rational and boring one) is anti-dog. And by discuss, I mean that I send him pictures of puppies and he sends replies that just say, "no." Ugh.

If I were rich I would move to the middle of nowhere (preferably near the coast) and open my own puppy house. I would just take in dogs that I loved and it would be magical. So, my desire to have more than the one dog is pretty high.

I HAD been saying that after the Ironman, I would be pushing for another dog, because life would calm down then, but in reality, my life never calms down...so, in getting another dog, I just have to factor boarding costs into the equation. But it's after the Ironman and we still don't have another dog.

I want a young-ish female dog. Not a puppy - puppies are adorable, but dude, could they BE more irritating? So, in the 8mos-1.5 years range is ideal - still trainable and young enough to have a full life with me, but not so young that they will feel the need to teeth on my couch and need to pee every 5 minutes.

I want a female because my wonderful 7 year old male dog has started marking his territory and it's irritating as sh1t.

I want a furry one because furry ones are just cuter and preferably black (so I will only have one color of hair on my clothes). The black is negotiable. The furry is not.

And my last demand is that said puppy grow to be on the smallish side...more than 15lbs, less than 50lbs...

I need another dog, right?


natalie said...

My parents just got a 2nd dog! I vote no, you travel too much!

natalie said...

That being said, Micah does the same thing to me. He always shows me pictures of dogs he wants.

This one is in Houston!

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

We Do travel a lot, but hopefully, once all my friends get hitched (looking like we are approaching that time)I won't be going anywhere as much. Who knows.

Lucky seems to be very adorable, but he fits pretty much none of my criteria. Haha. I'll keep ears open for a home for him though!

Tommy said...

No. :)