Thursday, December 31, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Thomas, the most amazing person in the world, took a TON of video of Tommy and I on race day. I'm not sure I realized then how special it is to have so much footage of ourselves on race day...these videos are so cool and really show what the race was like and how we felt about it.

Below are links to all our videos. We look pretty terrible in all of them...because hey man, we just sweat out 2 pounds of salt. It happens. So ignore the grossness and embrace the awesomeness that the videos are! Pure camera GENIUS!


Swim Finish
T1 (totally can't get on that thing!)
Bike Finish (totally can't get off that thing)...oh and this is a good video of how T2 was set up for those interested in the race...
T2 (my ass is giant)
Run: End of Lap 1
Run: End of Lap 2 (my ass is still giant)
Run: Start of Lap 3 (why all the close ups of my ass?) This video shows my displeasure at having to run a third lap...
Christy's Race Recap (My ass is so big and my chin is so small...all these years I've been praying for bigger h00ters, when really, I should have been praying for a chin)


Swim Finish
Bike End
T2 There is just no way your balls could itch THAT badly.
Run: End of Lap 1
Run: Start of Lap 2
Run: End of Lap 2 This is when Tommy tells Francis he is gonna wait for me..."But don't tell her!"
Run: Start of Lap 3
Tommy is Done

And of course....Y YA SON IRONMAN!!!!


Trishie said...

LOVE IT!! I looked for myself in your vids.. not gonna lie ;) personally, I think you have a great ass. a cyclists ass. I have one too. happy new year !!

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Hahaha. I respect that! Are you in them? And why is it a cyclist ass? because it has a lot of padding? :)