Friday, January 08, 2010

Save the Whales.

Spandex is not made for just anyone. In fact, spandex is not made for anyone eat all. That shit is just evil.

In triathlon, we are "forced" to wear spandex, head to toe, lest we opt to waste LOTS of time changing in transition (which we don't want to do, so, spandex happens). Before a race, we all stand around, looking like beached whales, trying to suck in our guts and intimidate the other whales around us. It'll never happen. Because no matter how hot your body is, a full suit of spandex is just wrong.

Nonetheless, our Texas Independence Relay team - Team Pace Booty - has opted to make tri kits for us to race in and then to also wear for the Florida Half we are all doing.

We got the sample kits in the mail yesterday to tri on (ha!) and DUDE, they are awful. I hath ne'er looked so beached. I shan't be eating until May. Hooray! But, we will look cool as a team in our matching TPB uniforms. It'll be worth it, but let's seriously hope that there are no cameras. I'm pretty sure my ass looks exponentially larger in that kit...and it didn't need ANY help in that department.

So, save the whales! Go Team Pace Booty!


natalie said...

What color are they?

And have you watched whale wars? It is on netflix. Crazy insane left wingers

Trishie said...

ha, I know exactly how you feel ! the only people that look good in spandex are the pros. I have found that bike/ tri shorts with a wide waist band are more forgiving than the thin elastic ones !

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

They are actually pretty cool, but unfortunately, they are not very flattering.

They are mostly black shorts, with hot pink side panels, and then the tops are hotpink with a psychadelic design on them - and yes, the guys seem to be okay with this. Hahaha.

I have several tri outfits that I REALLY like that fit well and look great, but since our team has all different body types, this particular style looks good on about 0.1 people. Ha.

I'm probably gonna end up paying a fortune to have it altered. Haha.