Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Goals Strike Back - For Real This Time

I am FINALLY posting the last entry of my race recap. Hooray me.

First let me talk about (once again) how nice it is to have my life back. I had time the other day to rearrange the books on my desk and look up new decorating ideas on the computer. WHOA. I'm out of control.

Okay, onto the goals...

Overall race specs:
Swim: 1:10:52 1:51/100m 27th or 53 in age group/909 overall
T1: 6:38
Bike: 6:19:47 17.69mph 15th of 53 in age group/569 overall
T2: 4:46
Run: 5:13:35 11:58min/mile 17th of 53 in age group/631 overall

TOTAL TIME: 12:55:38!! Christy Blain, You ARE an IRONMAN!!!

(The best part of my time is that if you search Female, then Pros and All Age Groups, I fit on the first page. Yep, I’m 100th. And I fit on the first page. I’m hoping to make this a regular thang.)

In regards to my race goals, I did not die, which was race goal number one, so hooray! And I finished under 17 hours, still standing and smiling, so I guess we could call the race a success!! I didn’t really meet any of my sport specific goals though, so, there this still lots of room for improvement.

I didn’t really have goals on the swim – I knew I was capable of 1:15, but didn’t really care either way because I hadn’t put the time into to get all emotionally involved. I smoked that non-existant goal though! The swim was fast for everyone, some claim it was possibly a little short, others say the strong current helped us a long. Who cares! It was a great swim and I am pleased as punch with my time. I maintain that I swamn fast because the water was clear and for the first time I actually swam straight towards the bouys instead of taking some roundabout route. And I'm just supa dupa fast. Ha.

My transitions were MUCH faster than I thought they would be, so I saved a lot of time there. No dilly-dally for this girl!

I am pretty disappointed with my bike. I was definitely capable of a 6 hour bike, even in those conditions (because that’s what I trained for!), but without the bike bike computer I had no idea where I was or how I was doing. Being unable to digest food, having to stop to pee/puke, and riding un-aero were also big contributors to my crappy time. This is definitely where I will be focusing once I feel the need to bike again (never!).

My run goals were ridiculous and totally unattainable, and lo and behold, I didn’t attain them. Ha. Big surprise there! My run was amazing though and I have no complaints. I still rocked that thing and held a steady pace which is all you can really hope for.

All in all, I beat my “If all goes perfectly and I do everything right goal” of 13 hours, and despite not making any of the individual goals, I am super happy. It was a great success and I am proud of the work that I put into it, both in training and on race day. I finished hand in hand with the man that I love, surrounded by the most amazing friends and family we could ever hope for, on a beautiful island with delicious margaritas. I have nothing in the world to complain about.

And then I got my tattoo. Small, dainty, tasteful (as tasteful as a tattoo can be), on my right wrist…hidden for work, but ready for the rest of the world to see! I’m still waiting for that first person to say, “Hey, is that a tattoo? Did you REALLY do an Ironman?” Hahaha. Because I’m just that much of a loser.

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