Sunday, December 20, 2009

Casualties of War.

There have been two major casualties of Ironman training...

Tommy went on a date last night - we had planned on going to the play then hitting up REd Cat Jazz Cafe because we had a gift card, but then we read reviews and found out that the place basically sucked a giant pie hole, sooooo, we used a Groupon to Zushi instead. Zushi is pretty good - the happy hour specials are good and the appletini is delicious! I will complain that they put wasabi on my nigiri, which I am not personally a fan of. But I know for next time.

Anyway. The play was good - the music quality was kind of poor, but as usual, you can't really go wrong with me and The Sound of Music. I loved it! The love scene between Maria and Captain von Trapp gets me everytime. Siiiiigh.

Afterwards, I had big aspirations of staying up past midnight...but I failed miserably. I was passed out cold by 11:58PM. Someday I will achieve this dream. Someday. I just KNOW it.

But staying up late is not the biggest casualty of Ironman training...I've never been a late night person. Ever. Even in college, I used to hit up happy hour with my BFF and then we would head home when they party animals came out. I've just never been able to hang. Ever.

Despite my total coolness and 8pm bedtime, the biggest casualty of Ironman training is Rockband. We played last night and we are both quite terrible. I was able to suffer through most of the songs that I used to be able to play but it was ugly and according to my spreadsheets (because yes, I am this anal retentive in all aspects of my life), my skillz have dramatically diminished. I'm pitiful. The sandman would roll over in his grave if he know how I butchered his song. It's a real tragedy.

So, in true Type A personality ways, we are keeping the RockBand out (instead of putting it away each time we play) so we will be forced to work on our skillz. We are better than "Most Energy". We are MEATLOAD!!

I'll be updating the spreadsheet. Don't you worry.

So, in the off season, I'll be working on my drumming skills. Prepare for total domination. Domination. DOmination. [Jazzhands]

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