Friday, December 11, 2009

The Goals Strike Back

You can read my race recap here:

The Swim
The Bike
The Run
The Aftermath

And Tommy's race recap

And then we came home to snow. We are perfectly tanned and it's snowing. Ugh. We are SO not winter people.

Me getting my tattoo at Shaw (for those curious, it was nice and clean and I am very pleased with my results. Not that I know any different.)


greyhound said...

You had a fantastic race. I popped on the bike and then just survived the run rather than doing everything I potentially could have. Your finishing time was about what my goal would have been. Hearty congrats to you.

Trishie said...

yay for your tat! do you LOVE it ?! I only ordered 3 of the prof photos -- the rest are from James or my sister's camera!