Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Slowly But Shirley.

I will eventually get around to posting all the pictures and wonderful memories I have of Ironman Cozumel, but until I actually catch up on life (because dude, I haven't folded laundry in a year and it took 4 hours on Sunday), it will have to happen in bits.

So, until that magical day, when a little fairy falls from the sky to help me clean out my refrigerator, here is a video of Tommy and I finishing the race together!

Thank you Thomas for taking so many videos and pictures...because I seriously have no recollection of this moment at all, whatsoever, not even a little bit. Even now, when I really try to remember it, I can't. I know it was awesome...but that's about it.



Allison said...

I just cried...like seriously have tears in my eyes need a kleenex crying...

I'm so proud of you and your hubby!!!!!!!

Makes me want to do one...but must recover from surgery first!

KCWoodhead said...

Oh gosh - Tommy was looking a little green!

Awesome video though - I don't have any video or anything of me finishing in FL and am sad!

Tommy said...

You really can't remember us finishing?

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Allison - THANK YOU! I have watched the video about eleventy billion times and I cry almost everytime! You can do it if you put your mind to it! And I'm glad you are recovering from surgery, slowly but shirley! You will be brand new!!

Kathleen - Poor Tommy, he really did say, "Why do we have to run? It's right there!". But I am so lucky to have him...and that he waited on me!

TommyB - Sorry baby. I remember being soooooo happy that you waited on me. I remember trying to tighten my arm muscles so that my arm fat didn't show in the pictures. I do not actually remember running down the chute. Nor the crowd or the lights. I remember hugging you afterwards and being totally grossed out but deciding that it didn't matter. :)

Rebecca said...

Hand raised over here for another one watching it in tears...particularly since I just finished reading Tommy's blog of the whole experience. I would have been an emotional mess if I had been there...but would have loved to have been there. LOVED watching this! It's so awesome that you all have footage of it too! Oh and LOL at your supposed "arm fat!"

t-mas said...

You guys were amazing and it was so much fun to be there for you. I will try and get transition videos posted on youtube for you as well.