Thursday, February 12, 2009

Change in Plans

My life has been remarkably un-drama filled lately. I'm not complaining though...the latter half of 2008 just about killed me and I could definitely use a break!! Sooo, with a lack of material, I am forced to write about un-catastrophic events. I think I will blog about my training for Cozumel...I will make sure to include any crashes or falls that occur to attempt to keep up with the tragic nature of the blog.

So far in the 'off-season'...

Tommy and I ran the Houston Marathon on Jan 18. We had an absolute blast...well, I had a blast, Tommy had giant blisters, so he had considerably less fun than me. We hadn't really trained at all for the race - life got in the way and I got injured and training just didn't happen. Our longest run was 16 miles...a marathon is 26.2 Ooops. Sooo, it was a surprise when we were both able to finish the race - we seriously considered turning around at mile 9. We didn't break any records with a 4:43 time, but we did a lot of goofing around and playing with the crowd, so this isn't all that surprising. We both felt great afterwards, weren't really sore and were able to enjoy our annual post-marathon keg party.

After the marathon, we gave ourselves a couple of weeks to relax and enjoy the time off. And on Feb 2, triathlon training began!! Our schedule is very intimidating, but it we aren't taking it too seriously yet. We have a race in April in Galveston, but right now we are just building a good solid base. The REAL training will start mid-May. I'm terrified.

A typical training week will look something like this:

Monday: 60-90 minute aerobic swim (3500m)
Tuesday: 70 min on the bike trainer followed by a 30 min run
Wednesday: 60-90 minute anaerobic threshold swim (3500m) and an easy 60 minute bike
Thursday: 60-80 minute sprint run and weights
Friday: Easy swim, easy bike, easy run - all, just one or none, optional day off
Saturday: Long bike - anywhere from 3 hours to 7 followed by a 30 min run - and an easy swim
Sunday: Long run - anywhere from 1 hour to 4 - weights and an easy bike.

So far, we haven't done many of the long weekend workouts - life has been busy! But I have done most of the weekday stuff. It's hard to maintain friendships and R&R AND train, but I think I can do it!!

My parents are coming in this weekend, so I think the plan is to run on Saturday morning before they wake up and then bike on Sunday after they permitting. I don't do cold and rainy. At all.

The swimming is on hiatus right now - I hurt my shoulder the other day when I swam 2 miles after not swimming in 3 months. Probably not my smartest move. My knee is still hurting quite a bit, but I found a GREAT doctor and I start rehab on Friday. I'll keep you posted. Right now, I can go about 5-6 miles before the pain starts, but once it starts, it escalates very fast. Doctor Man says that I should notice a difference after one session, so I'll let you know how my run on Saturday goes! I'm gonna hop back in the pool next week and take it easy for week or two before I start to push myself too hard. Worst case scenerio, I don't swim till race day - been there done that and I know I will survive.

I'll try to post some of the pics from the marathon - there are some really funny ones.

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