Friday, December 19, 2008

Ready for the Holidays!

I am so ready for the holidays to be here. Seriously.

It's the Friday before Christmas, which means that the only people in the office are people who were too irresponsible to save their vacation time till the end of the year. I.e. me. I went a lot of fabulous vacations...France, England, Germany, New York City and spent my days freezing my butt off in each of these cities. Well, Germnay wasn't that cold, but it WAS July and I needed a jacket. That's just wrong.

I am meeting an old friend for lunch in a few minutes and after that I will be borrowing half a vacation day from next year so that I may wander the mall aimlessly instead of sitting in my quiet cubicle surfing the internet.

This weekend will be glorious. Tonight Tommy and I are planning on doing nothing...which hopefully includes renting The Dark Knight on blu-ray and eating mac and cheese. Yum. Thenm, hopefully, Tommy will buy some Christmas presents for me...because right now, our tree has a lot of presents under it, not not a single one has my name on it. I think he hates me. Siiiiiiigh.

Saturday night Lino turns 40 (old balls!) and we will be attending his Birthday bash...after the LSU/A&M/UT/Michigan St basketball game. It's wierd because ALL of my friends in Houston went to one of those 4 schools. I'm serious. I don't know anyone who went to a school other than those 4..and yes, surprisingly, I know a lot of Michigan St people. I think it's wierd too.

We leave for Dallas on Tuesday after work and will spend the weekend there...should be nice and relaxing. I can't wait.

Holidays, please hurry. I need a break!

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