Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank the G.O.D. that it is FINALLY Friday.

It's Friday and I don't have much to report. My week has been good and very busy, yet uneventful. I will be glad when today is over so I can crawl into my bed and sleep sleep sleep. I'm pooped!!

A few things from the week:

I had acupuncture yesterday. It was bizarre. I don't know if I buy into all the voodoo hoodoo of non-Western medicine, but frankly, I don't have many other options at this point. And no, it didn't hurt...I could barely feel it. If you have ever done acupuncture, let me know, I would love to hear your story.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo starts today!! It's Go Texan Day so I hope you wore your boots and hats to work today!! Watch out for the trail riders - they will end up at Memorial Park around 4 today (according to Lisa Rivas on Channel 13 - Eyewitness news).I hate stupid drivers. This morning, I drove to work at 4:30AM, so there are NO cars on the road. None. Yet, this stupid ho felt the need to cut me off at least 3 times. Wanted to punch.

I gave up the Fbomb and candy for Lent. So far, neither thing is going well. Tommy gave up booze. He said he will take a sip of booze (one ounce) for everytime I say the Fword. So, if I want to go to happy hour, I will have to curse repeatedly to get him to drink with me. Ha. Fun! Can we say enabler??

I ran 10 miles on Wednesday to see if my knee still hurt. It did. Sooo, I got acupuncture on Thursday. Ugh. I'll keep you posted.

This girl's parents should not have procreated. Their genes are clearly not intelligent enough to produce non-idiots -

Buffalo Fred's is an icehouse near our house (ha). It looks awesome, but we have never been. Tommy just sent me a text message (at 7:23AM) saying that he just drove by and it was open and there were people there. This is clearly the bar for me. These are my people! Friends, we have found the bar of my dreams!

This is my favorite blog EVER. You should read it -

Tommy and I got invited to go to a timeshare sell this afternoon. Since we already have a timeshare and have no intent of owning another, this seems dumb. BUT if we go, we get a prize - at the very least a 4 night vacation or a cruise...and at the most a $1500 shopping spree. I'm in!! And the best part is that we will be in the 'burbs during the dinner hour which means we get to eat at a chain restaurant!! I'm so excited. It's been awhile since I've had some good quality Outback or TGI Fridays. You don't miss 'em till they are gone. Promise.

I heard Enter Sandman on the radio the other day and I got sad that I haven't played RockBand in a looooong time. That may be my quest for the weekend.

I will blog about Mardi Gras and the gloriousness that it was very very soon. Once I get a nap.

Have a good weekend my friends. Aggies play against Rice, 7pm at the JuiceBox. Gig them.

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