Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poor Tommy.

I have been feeling really good lately and have gotten some really awesome workouts in. The new gym at the office is great - I can do pilates at lunch and get my heartrate up for the rest of the afternoon - and the 'gym' at home makes it SO much easier to have productive workouts without ever leaving the house. I had a great swim on Monday - my shoulder didn't hurt at all - and I had a good Turbo Tuesday on the bike trainer, although I bailed on my transistion run afterward. I don't really do rain. Ooops.

Unfortunately for Tommy, he is broken. Somehow, someway, he hurt HIS knee on Saturday and it hurts to walk. Sooo, he can't bike or run right now which is making him crazy of course. And then, on top of that, his shoulder isn't completely healed, so he can't even do a big swim workout. Basically, we determined that he can do crunches. And that's about it. He is going stir crazy, but he knows that taking some time off and taking it easy are the only ways to heal. If it still hurts after this weekend, he is going to the doctor...but not my doctor because his insurance sucks even more than mine.

I think he just likes to mimic the pains I shoulder hurt, his shoulder hurt, my knee hurts, his knee hurts. I wonder if he will get sympathy pregnant when I get pregnant. That would be awesome. I don't want to do it alone!

I bought my first triathlon outfit last night...or should I say that I invested in my first triathlon outfit last night. Those things cost more than a designer purse.(not ALL designer purses, and not all SIZES of designer purses, but let's just say you could go to Coach and buy a nice sized bag for the same price - ouch.) I'm pretty excited about it, even though it was significantly more painful than swimsuit shopping. SIGNIFICANTLY. With hips as GIANT as mine and boobs as tiny as mine, it makes finding a combo that fits quite challenging. But the best part is the chamois in the bike shorts! I've never had a chamois in my bike shorts! I always just tough it out and ride in cheap shorts from Academy...even for 5+ hour rides. I can't wait to give my toosh a little TLC on my next ride!

My bottom and I are very excited.


Anonymous said...

I also have your sympathy pains too! My knee has been screaming at me lately, b/c I only have concrete to run on up here! Also, I went swimming for the first time since this summer, and my left shoulder was a little achy. But, def manageable.
I know what you mean about putting on a swimsuit. No boobs and a cellulite butt over here. Very sad days.
Hope Tommy heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

Sympathy pregnant? thanks!