Thursday, March 30, 2006

Prego. Not the spaghetti sauce.

So, me and some pals went to out on Saturday night. We met up with some other pals, who in turn, had some pals with them. So, we are in a large group at the bar, and we are all chatting.

There is a girl in the group, wearing one of those spaghetti strap tank tops that are fitted around the boobs and then baggy from the boobs down. Black with was a cute shirt. I'll give it that. But when everyone at the bar wonders why the pregnant chick is taking shots, you might want to reconsider your outfit. She looked pregnant. Several months prenant. She was a thin girl...but that shirt made her belly look like she had stuffed a small stuffed penguin under there. It was the major topic of conversation.

Turns out, she was not pregnant...big surprise, Ms. Lush. But I advise all the women out there to verify with friends you can trust...not that girl who always tells you you look fabulous, because lets be honest, sometimes you look you got run over by a truck. Pick that friend who you can count on for the truth. You don't want to be the 'wanna-be prego-girl' at the bar. If you wanna be prego, pretending isn't the best solution. Take that penguin out of your shirt and get laid.

Results are not garaunteed, but highly probable.

For the rest of us, it made for a quality night of people watching.

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