Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Edward 48 Hands.

I'm not totally sure why we thought this would be a good idea, but I am young and stupid...and they are even younger, more stupid and impressionable. Sooo, I convinced my sister, her roomate, and her best friend to play Edward 48 Hands. Typically, this is a game played with 2-40 oz. beers and is called Edward 40 Hands, but we aren't so young and so stupid that we thought our bladders could handle that sort of torture. So we modified the game to 2-24oz. cans - hence, Edward 48 Hands. The guy at the gas station knows my sisters name...should I be proud? I can't decide. He sold us 24 ouncers and 2 rolls of duct tape. Object of the game: finish your beer without peeing your pants...cause you can't go until you finish the beer. Beautiful.

Good times with the hippies in Austin.

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