Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ironman VS. Pregnancy

Last night Tommy was talking about his Ironman training (I try to coach him, but he never listens...terrible student) and he brought up the fact that pregnancy and birth are like Ironman because in both events, you train for about 9 months in preparation for the big event that will likely take anywhere from 8 to 17 hours.

Ironman Time: 12:55
Labor and Delivery Time: TBD (but let's shoot for something less than 12:55, shall we?)

The only difference is that doping is totally legal in labor and delivery.


Have I ever mentioned my obsession with Diet DrPepper with a splash of rootbeer? OMG. You get the flavor of rootbeer without all the sweetness and calories. Deeeeeelicious.

Diet DP and Rootbeer. Perfection.


jtrimom said...

at the end of IM, you get a medal that you can put away/display; at the end of pregnancy, you get (at least) 18 years worth of more hard work ;)
Both so worth it, tho

Adrienne said...

The recovery from birth is way rougher as well- I am still shocked at how rough it is!

Angy said...

I'm pretty convinced pregnancy/child birth are very similar to ironman training/racing. But since I'm not pregnant nor do I have a kid... I wouldn't know from first hand experience... just a theory at this point based on prego/childbirth experiences I've heard. :-)

Pam said...

Hahaha... Love the analogy.

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

@Adrienne - My Ironman recovery was a cakewalk, so I have no expectations that my delivery recovery will be that easy! I'm scared, but hoping to follow in your footsteps! :)

Molly said...

you might be surprised at how well you recover after birth, mainly because you're an active person.

on the other hand, percocet is a big help too.