Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Day!

It's a Snow Day in Houston, Texas which means absolutely nothing except that most of the city got off from work for no reason. Darn! There isn't a snowflake in sight...but the steps to our "yard" are iced over which means it is quite a challenge for the dogs to get out there to pee. Tommy has to help Donny up and down, but Dixie just slides down and crashes into the fence. There is a high of 60 degrees predicted for tomorrow, so this will all be very shortlived and tomorrow we can get back to our normal life of shorts in the winter. (Sidenote: 60 degress is still VERY cold to Houstonians. We will still be bundled in most of our winter gear tomorrow, but we will be able to eat dinner outside, which is what it's all about.)

Nonetheless, I am enjoying my day on my couch. I still have to work, but it's a half-assed affair where I sit in my pj's with the tv on and get some work done. I still find it hard to believe that there are episodes of Say Yes to the Dress that I haven't seen yet. Oh how I love bridal shows!

Knowing I would have the day off today and that it would be balls cold (call me a weenie, but it's Houston...we don't live here for the winters...) so I went to the grocery store yesterday to stock up on wintery Hunker Down supplies. The city of Houston is excellent at hunkering down...and the rest of the city was at Kroger as well. I read an entire magazine while waiting in line to checkout. But hey, saved myself $4! I bought supplies to make red beans and rice for my cajun husband and the fixin's for potato soup for me. I don't do beans. [shudder] It was my first time making both and they were deeeeelicious...even if they took all day.

My only complaint about today is that we have breastfeeding class tonight (yippee!) and that means I will actually have to shower at some point. Tragedy strikes again.

In other news, the pics from the half marathon are up...

This is what "running" a half marathon looks like at 30 weeks pregnant.

And this is what running a half marathon (without the quotes) looks like. Tommy is giving the Shocker in honor of the baby!

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Pam said...

I LOVE that you and your big ol' pregnant belly are beating three guys in this picture.