Monday, January 31, 2011


My weekend recap.

The Houston Half Marathon was on Sunday. I've been signed up since before I was pregnant and since I HAD been keeping up with my running, I was still planning on running. Then, when the running ended, I stuggled with what to do on race day. Do I walk it? I walk part of it? If I just do part of it, do I do the beginning or the end? Can I run some of it?

I decided to start at the start and take my cell phone and cab fare with me and see what happens. I am sooo not above calling for a ride mid-race. Unfortunately, I got caught up in the prerace festivities and couldn't resist the urge to run. I forced myself into running 3 minutes and walking 2...I think I averaged a 12 min/mile for the first 7ish miles. I ended up doing about 10 miles in 2 hours and 13 minutes and I felt great for most of it. I walked the last 2.5 miles...and just patted my belly when people yelled at me to run at the end. Haha. Such is life!


I have decided to root for the Steelers during the Superbowl this weekend based entirely on an interview of Ben Roethlisberger I saw on Sports Center today while I ate lunch at Arby's. Yes, my Arby's has TV's. In this interview Ben sounded like an intelligent human being and I actually think he might not be a complete idiot. If my assumptions (based on a 7 minute interview that I listened to via closed captions) are incorrect, please let me know. I did not watch an interview of the other team's quarterback for comparison, so until I hear otherwise, Go Steelers.


We have two dogs - Donny (8 years-ish), a Newfoundland mix and Dixie (9 months-ish), a Great Pyrenees mix. They both have dew claws on their back paws, but Donny's never really grew very fast so I never had to trim them - they always cut them when we take him to get groomed every few months and that has always been enough. But Dixie's, oh man, those suckers grow like she puts Sally Hanson Maximum Growth polish on them every night.

We bought clippers when she was about 4 months old (we got her when she was 3 months) and tried to clip them. She wasn't a huge fan, but she tolerated it. We were quite proud of our nail clipping prowess.

Then when it came time to clip them again (like 2 days later), she wasn't having it. For a little puppy (okay, she weighs 60lbs...but she SEEMS little) she is a strong little sucker. We gave up the act of actually cutting the nails and just tried to get her used to us messing with her paws. We did that every night for a few weeks and tried cutting them cigar. Ultimately we decided that the $11 it costs for Petco to do it was money well spent.

This brings us to yesterday. Our friend Ashley came over for our post-marathon keg party. Ashley is a dog groomer (she is a little out of our price range otherwise we would use her all the time) and somehow Tommy and her started talking about Dixie's nails. Ashley was all, "Dude, lemme see her. I'll show you how to just trim them a little at a time and she won't even notice." And Tommy was all, "Okay!". So they got out the clippers and attempted the impossible. It took 3 grown adults to wrestle this innocent puppy to the ground and even then, her nails did not get clipped.

Ashley ultimately conceded that we should sell the clippers on Ebay and start saving our money for Petco.

At least we know it's not us. Even the pros can't do it. Not sure how Petco got it done, but I'm relatively certain it involved a heavy sedative. But for $11 it's worth it.


Texas booze rules do not allow you to buy alcohol on Sundays. This means you cannot buy kegs on Sundays because kegs are sold in liquor stores (you can still get beer and wine...but not from the liquor store).

So, in preparation for the 6th Annual Post-Marathon Keg Party, we bought our keg of beer on Saturday afternoon. Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to keep a keg cold in Texas in January? Apparently, very hard when it's 70 degrees and gorgeous outside. I think we bought all the ice in the neighborhood. That keg was ice cold on Sunday, despite Mother Nature's best efforts!


It was an excellent weekend.


Pam said...

My Harley (Pit Bull) couldn't give a shit less about having his nails clipped. He'll just lay there and watch you. Bella (American Bulldog) ain't having it. We get it done, but it takes two of us. One to do the business and the other to hold her and distract her with treats. I HATE doing hers though because her nails are black and it's so hard to see how close you are to the quick. I made her bleed once and felt like such a horrible mother.

Natalie said...

way to go you Houston marathoning almun!

Allison said...

seriously you are amazing...pregnant and 13 miles.......

Feel your pain about clipping nails - our dogs nails are so strong they've broken each pair of clippers we've bought. PetSmart is totally worth it.