Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Great Balls of Ice!

The Great Freeze of 2011!! It was a glorious day. Tommy and I both had off work - he locked himself away upstairs in the spare room and I took over the living room so I could make red beans and rice (for him, not me...beans are gross) and potato soup. Our house smelled AMAZING...and then about 7 hours later we ate lunch. Ha.

Well, Houston did in fact freeze, and it was slippery. At least for the dogs. The stairs to our yard were frozen solid and the dogs had some trouble navigating. The first time Tommy let them out in the morning, he didn't think about the stairs freezing, so he just opened the door and the 2 mutts raced down the stairs...where they slipped and slammed into the fence at the bottom. Ooops. This was probably hysterically fun for Dixie but for Don (who is 8 and has hip dysplasia) this was less than ideal.

So for the rest of the day, night and the next morning, Tommy had to pick up each of the dogs everytime they needed to pee and carry them down the slippery stairs. Unfortunately, the dogs weigh 65-70lbs each and due to their size are rather cumbersome to carry with one arm (the other hand was used to grip the railing). They would pee and then he would have to carry them back up. It was hysterical. They aren't big fans of being picked up (like their mom!) and they toes were splayed as far as they could go! I have video footage but it's definitely only footage that a mom could enjoy so I won't torture you with all 5 minutes of Dog Carrying. Just trust me, it's funny.

Then that night, we were supposed to go to a riveting breastfeeding class but it got cancelled...but we didn't find that out until after I had bathed and everything. I hate getting dressed after a day on the couch (call me gross, I care not)...I was not happy. So, I insisted that we go do SOMETHING. I mean, I was CLEAN afterall. So we went to the movies - saw No Strings Attached. It was cute. And I was able to limit my Slurpee intake to 1. Impressive.

Saturday was still icey and miserably cold, so I slept in and eventually Tommy made me go to the YMCA to swim. Unfortunately, the pool had not quite recovered from the freeze and it was ICEY. BRRRR! I sat on the edge for about 10 minutes before getting in. I count this as part of my workout.

Have I mentioned that I do not like winter? I do, however, like working from home for any reason. So, I will try to keep me complaints to a minimum.


In baby news, I am 31 weeks along (just over 2 months left!) and the baby's room is basically complete! We still need all the little necessities like, I dunno, diapers, but the decorating part is pretty much done.

Large and in charge and taking illegal pictures in the locker room.

I love love love her room. It didn't turn out how I had planned but I really love it. I wanted it to look like a kid's room, but wanted to avoid Mickey and Pooh and cutesy baby stuff. I think I acheived my goal!

In pregnancy related health information: I have started feeling tired as they say is typical in the 3rd trimester, but so far, it's just tired. It's NOTHING compared to mind-numbing exhaustion of the 1st trimester and I am only getting about 3 hours of sleep a night, so the tiredness could be because of the pregnancy or because I'm only sleeping about 3 hours a night (which is due to the pregnancy, but whatever). Little Anna (I wasn't going to tell you her name, but then I posted the nursery pic, so oh well) likes to hang out on my right side...which is all well and good except that this means I can no longer sleep on my right side. This leaves me with one sleeping option...my left side. Which makes my arms go numb and hurts my hips. Soooo, sleeping just isn't happening. Such is life! Otherwise, we are all healthy and counting down the days until we meet (and I get to sleep on my stomach)!


Audrey said...

Anna's room IS cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the nursery! I like your art work too! You are looking so cute! `natalie

Brock n' Tiff said...

I love the room...but you just had to go and put her name up there before someone could make the letters for you :)
She's going to love it!!