Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I never really cared that Oprah was ending (or moving, or whatever...) because hey, I have a job and I haven't been able to watch Oprah in about a decade. But I realized yesterday that if I get to work at 6:30 or 7, I can leave at 4 and jump on the elliptical and watch a solid gold hour of Oprah. Yesterday I learned all about how the prosecutor screwed up the OJ case. I was in hog heaven. And on commercials I watched the season finale summary of 16 and Pregnant on MTV. LOVE IT.

Maybe this gym rat thing isn't as bad as I orginally thought.

Don't leave me Oprah!! I need you to stay until at least April. K? Thanks.

Unrelated: Did you see The Bachelor last night? OMG. Trainwreck. Love it. I watched through my hands because I was too terrified. Where in the world do they find these people??!? And the new dance show that starts tonight?!? I heart TV.


Allison said...

I haven't watched Oprah in forever either..... but I'm kinda sad she won't be there IN CASE i was home to watch it... or for you to watch when you are home on maternity leave.

I missed the bachelor - damn it - hope it's on On Demand.

JBM said...

you probs have the OWN and can spent lots of time with her still. this reminds me i have to try to get tickets!

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Allison - The Bachelor was everything you could hope it would be and more. HIGHLY recommended. He'll deny it, but even Tommy enjoyed it. Half-naked hot man for me, slutty scandalous girls for him. It's perfect!

@JBM - I doubt my crappy work gym will have OWN, but regardless, I was pleasantly surprised with the TV options! The elliptical machine was not as deadly as once imagined. Then again, I haven't been on an elliptical machine since they started putting individual tv's on them... :)