Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here are a few links that I have found that only serve to further FREAK. ME. OUT.

This is a blog about a guy who swam near the swim site and got stung by tons of little jellyfish. However, he also took some nice pics of the bike and run conditions, so maybe I come out even? Apparently, this stuff can ward against jellyfish and attacks from other creatures. I mean, I'll try anything once...

This is just a basic blog about Ironman Cozumel. It has no faults or scariness other than information overload. Ow.

This guy went to Cozumel, with a woman other than his wife (which ends up being the topic of conversation), and took pics of the entire course. This was awhile ago, so here's hoping that Blogger Number 1 is right about the road conditions!

And finally, the Official. Ironman Cozumel. Website. I may or may not check this daily. Nothing ever changes. It only serves to freak me out and give me nightmares. But I can't stop. Addiction is bad, mkay?

And then there is this girl who frankly, cracked me up. All triathletes do this stuff (so do runners and bikers I'm sure). All of them. Seriously. What's most disturbing however is how comfortable we are in talking about it. Tommy and I discuss, in length, the color of our pee. We have blown snot rockets and spit in each other's goggles. He even watched me pee on my shorts on accident last weekend when I had to go in the bushes. And then we googled "women peeing in triathlons" - this was the search result. So gross. Triathlon is a dirty dirty sport.

But then I read blogs like this and I am reminded that most of the people that will be with me in Cozumel are exactly like me. Middle of the packers. Full time job holders. And those just looking for the day they can finally [FINALLY!] get their tattoo. Bring it on Cozumel!!


Allison said...

I am pretty sure I want a shewee....

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

You're disgusting.